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Forever home needed: Sad-faced senior kitty in Wisconsin has been at the shelter for two years — 11 Comments

  1. Sandra Murphey…..I have a Pet Sitting Business and have for close to 20 years. I actually do bring up the “what if” conversations with my Clients on our Consultation visit. I always worried about my own pets, which I have quite a few of, and different types…so that prompted me to bring it up. Also, I had a Single, Middle aged Client that died in her sleep, had no living family, and she was not found in her home for 21 days!!! Sad, huh?? I saw it in the paper one morning and literally freaked out! She had two small terriers that she cooked for….she didn’t leave dry food out….so I KNEW they had to be in bad shape if even alive!!! I got on the phone with the Funeral home, Police Dept. and anyone else I could think of until I finally convinced the Police that I was their caretaker, and they told me they were taken to the Shelter. I called them and was able to go there, show my paperwork, etc. and they released the dogs to me.
    So….needless to say….I try to make as many people as possible aware of it. I always tell them “you know how it goes…when you are prepared, nothing happens!!! ” I also have key chains that have tags on them letting EMS workers or whoever, know that I have pets at home that need taking care of!!! (Of course, that is if they cannot reach my husband!)

  2. Update posted on the shelter page July 26

    Update on Honey
    Our sweet elderly fur resident Honey is still looking for her forever home. We had a lot of initial interest but for various reasons applicants fell through or we didn’t receive any follow up.
    Honey is a very sweet, 11 year old cat. She loves to be petted and she loves to rub up against your legs or sit on your lap. She is a purr machine! She must be the only kitty in a home but does great with dogs and other people/children.
    For an older cat, she is very healthy and requires only one medication a day – she is very easy to pill and takes it like a trooper every time.
    We will not ship her somewhere – and although we know there are loving families out of state that would take her in a heart beat – we would prefer to find her a home nearby (shipping is quite stressful).
    “For those of you who have offered to donate on her behalf, please call the shelter directly at 920-849-2390.
    If you are serious about adopting her, please call the shelter at 920-849-2390. We can’t keep up with the emails and Facebook comments on the older post – thank you for your understanding and keep sending Honey positive thoughts! We are hopeful this will be the year she finds a new, wonderful home.”

      • I do live in Wisconsin but Monty would not allow it. However, my sister who lives upstairs in our duplex is still mourning the loss of her elderly cat Kobe. This cat isn’t real close by but it isn’t prohibitively far either. I can show this to her. She had Kobe for 15 of his 17 1/2 years. It’s been over a year now, but I’m not sure she’s ready for a new cat yet. Kobe passed right after our father died so that made it even more traumatic. I think she would be happier with a catcompanion. She works a lot, but I’m home more and could go up and spend some time with her kitty. She looks after Monty when we have to be away.

  3. Elisa, I think that many cat guardians don’t address this issue. Some people may state their wishes in their wills or Advance Directives, but it may be a small percentage. I have an Advance Directive booklet where I indicate that I want my cat euthanized in case of my death. I don’t want her to end up in confined to a cage in a shelter again. Although she’s as beautiful as Honey, she’s shy and fearful of strangers, and would be deemed “unadoptable” as she was when I rescued her. There is no one who could take her in.

    I’m thinking I should expand on my wishes to include euthanasia if I’m unable to speak for myself, as Honey’s guardian may be.

    I wonder if those reading about Honey will think about what might happen to their cat, or if their focus will be on hoping or praying that Honey gets adopted.

    I rarely see any articles that address this very important issue. There may be something here on POC, but I haven’t checked. If there is, it would be valuable to re-post frequently.

    I wonder how many readers have stated their wishes about their cats in writing, even if they don’t have a will or Advance Directive.

  4. “Although being slammed with calls, emails and Facebook messages after their post on her went viral, no decision on a forever family has been made yet.”

    Does this mean that none of these people were deemed acceptable to adopt this kitty? Or that there are so many acceptable ones, that the shelter can’t decide?

    • It could be either Sandra. Honey’s face just spoke to me and this story will hopefully make people think about what will happen to their own cats should anything happen. I feel sure her owner never imagined Honey would be stuck in a shelter for two years.

  5. Praying for Honey’s forever home soon!!! She is gorgeous!! Shared the post from their page. . . ♥♥♥

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