Forget about building a catio, build a nuclear shelter instead!

Forget about building a catio, build a nuclear shelter instead!
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There are thousands of pet websites on the Internet. Perhaps millions. And they tend to create a pink, beautiful world of pets, providing advice about cat behaviour and cat products. That’s fine. That’s all well and good and the catio is a good idea too because it allows full-time indoor cats to explore in a safe place, the outside.

But I am arguing today, having read the recent news, that some cat owners with sufficient funds might consider building a nuclear shelter in their backyard rather than a cat enclosure!

I am sure, like me, you have picked up on the tensions between East and West, between Russia and America and we have to bring into the mix China and North Korea and the tensions between North Korea and South Korea. And then we have the tensions between China and Taiwan. I could go on and on. Iran comes to mind as well.

We have the war in Ukraine and the constant threats by Putin’s cronies of impending nuclear war and a keen desire to use their nuclear weapons. To nuke Great Britain into ashes.

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The latest bad news on the matter of nuclear war comes from North Korea’s ambassador to the United Nations, Kim Song, who told the assembly: “The Korean peninsula is in a hair-trigger situation with imminent danger of nuclear war”.

We know that North Korea has been building nuclear weapons. They’ve been testing their rockets and it appears that Kim Jong-un desires one thing above all else, to push the little red button to nuke America or South Korea or both of them with his newly constructed armaments.

North Korea claims the dire situation was down to “South Korea’s sycophantic and humiliating policy of depending on outside forces”. They would.

Guterres, the United Nations secretary-general, is in despair by the look of it. He has called for an urgent push to reduce and eliminate nuclear weapons to end the madness. He also believes that artificial intelligence potentially increases the threat of a nuclear apocalypse.

A lot of people will say that nuclear war is unthinkable because there will be no winners. That’s correct. It will simply destroy a lot of humanity. And our pets. But I sense that the world is drifting towards a kind of senseless madness. I don’t think the world is a happy place at the moment. And Guterres’ pleading will have zero effect.

And if there are these tensions as I describe in place for a long time, and if the leader of a nation such as Kim Jong-un is slightly mad and, in that category, we can put Putin, it seems plausible that they might decide to use nuclear weapons. It doesn’t come down to a rational decision anymore. It just comes down to a hatred of humanity and perhaps an overriding desire to kill enemies.

Putin clearly hates with a vengeance Ukrainian people who want to think freely and to be independent of Russia. And Kim Jong-un hates South Korea. There’s too much hatred actually and too many nuclear weapons with itchy fingers desiring to push that little red button to send us all to hell and a handcart.

Get building that nuclear shelter. Or move to New Zealand! Or Alaska.

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