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Forget Grumpy Cat – Loki Looks So Angry She Could Pass for a Vampire — 4 Comments

  1. I find poor Loki to be, possibly, close to trouble.
    When my very emaciated and suffering Toby entered my life about 8 months ago, he had fangs exactly like Loki’s. They had punctured his lower lip/mouth so badly that he couldn’t eat because of the pain. Once those fangs were extracted, he became a different boy. He went from 5# to his robust 9# today. And, from disagreeable to very loving.

  2. I get why you phrased the headline that way, Michael. I have no doubt other sites did much worse calling her satanic and vampiric.

    I don’t like that aspect either. Maybe I’m wrong, but if we wouldn’t treat a disabled human that way then we have no business treating a disabled animal like that either.

  3. I dunno, maybe I’m twisted, but Loki doesn’t look evil to me. Reminds me of what Ringo Starr said when a reporter asked him why he frowned so much: “It’s me face!” My first impulse would be to take her to a vet and see if her condition is causing her pain and if it could be corrected.

    I feel the same way about Lil’ Bub, Grumpy, and the rest. Sometimes I wonder about the quality of life of these animals. Poor little Grumpy looked absolutely miserable in that vid you posted elsewhere on the site, Michael. Creeping across the floor like that and hiding is not a good sign.

    • Serbella, I agree. I deliberately jazzed up the title just like all the other sites do for almost any subject. You have to to get hits. My personal opinion is she looks just fine and nice. I’d never brand her evil.

      I have strong feelings about these celebrity cats with physical deformities. For me they should be cared for like any other cat and not be branded grumpy or evil. I don’t like this aspect of human behaviour. It is disrespectful.

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