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Former FIFA executive-turned-informant kept a $6,000-a-month apartment for his cats — 5 Comments

  1. I do too. Chuck could have been much worse, greedy and brutal. I remember that corporate exec who was caught on camera kicking his dog inside an elevator. He was a real scumbag.

  2. NEXT TIME IF YOU ARE INVOLVED IN “DUBIOUS DEALINGS” PLEASE DON”T TRUST YOUR COLLEAGUES. Remember the “WOLF OF WALL STREET” and something known as “WIRETAPS” ? Mr Chuck.Blazer has brought down a football empire of corruption and in the process has also highlighted “CATS” as sinister and the mole of “Villains”! Michael i was literally stumped by the “CAT ANGLE” to this unbelievable corruption scandal that has engulfed “F.I.F.A”.No doubt many humans are afraid of cats and their human accomplices beginning from “Cat Superstition” to the “James Bond ” villains pet cat.

    • It is an amazing mess. These officials have been milking the system for millions for years. The entire FIFA board should be cleared out and there should be a fresh start. Or the football federations should start their own World Cup in parallel and bypass this bunch of fraudsters.

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