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Former Illinois veterinarian convicted on 11 charges, including felony animal cruelty — 9 Comments

  1. This woman is seriously ill. I believe that all professionals who deal with living beings (cops, vets, doctors, nurses) should undergo yearly psychological exams.

    • She wasn’t licensed so she wouldn’t have been caught anyway.
      However all vet clinics should undergo through inspections yearly and include a check list that makes sure they are in compliance. If the vet who blinded and likely killed Kitten had been inspected on all aspects of her practice she would have been flagged. Probably still would be. Someone else put up a review where she was now googling on the internet to try and figure out how to treat animals.
      It would appear from this review she has issues. I hope the poster of that review took my suggestion to report her to the NMBVM

  2. She sounds like she has the mental capacity of a cat hoarder. For there to be feces and organs in the kitchen floor shows she has a lot more problems than just needing money to get her license back.

    The people in her area would never trust her again and a lot of the vet experience is built on client trust. She needs to find another occupation. If she wants to be around animals then just volunteer at a shelter to walk the dogs or clean the cat cages.

  3. An unlicensed veterinarian who would perform surgery on a kitchen island at home, for whatever reason, is exhibiting a major lack of good judgment. There would be no supportive measures available in case of the slightest emergency situation. Surgical procedures definitely require access to lab work, oxygen supplies, emergency medications, and major life support systems. The fact that she did not comprehend the danger involved in this situation speaks volumes. I do not think that she should ever regain her veterinary license. She has the potential to harm any animal she treats. Every life matters. Those precious lives lost all matter.

    • Because successful and respected veterinarians who perform medical procedures on farm animals on the wooden or dirt floor of a manure-scraped barn stall also have all that equipment available. Don’t be sensationalist bambi-cartoon-educated pavement-brained morons.

  4. Whether or not she intended harm, it happened as a result of her decisions. She seems mentally unstable with poor judgement, and I don’t think that’s going to change. I hope she doesn’t get her license back.

  5. To me this is a sad but interesting case. What a shame she screwed up and lost her license and then compounded the problem with criminal activity. When she was training to be a vet and when she was first a vet I’d expect that she was a decent person. Something went wrong. That said, she has done wrong and something happened to cause her to lose her license.

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