Former lawyer is now highly successful pet psychic who talks to animals

Nikki Vasconez, 33, used to be a lawyer earning a good salary but she was miserable. She was working hard but simply didn’t enjoy life. She was too frightened, as many people are, to get out and do something else. She began researching how to communicate with animals in September 2020 and discovered a passion and a talent. She worked part-time as a property lawyer and then eventually quit her job to become a full-time animal communicator a year later. There are two interesting aspects of the story for me.

Nikki now runs Nikki Vasconez Animal Communication
Nikki now runs Nikki Vasconez Animal Communication
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Social media

She used social media including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to dramatically grow her business. She used to solicit commissions from clients but because of the growth of in her business via her TikTok account she no longer has need to do this because her clients come to her. In fact, she is inundated with requests, usually by women, to talk to their companion animals.

But she’s a psychic and therefore she does not talk to them in the conventional sense of using body language and vocalisations but by using what appears to be an innate skill that she has. She does not request details about the animal because it prevents her ‘human brain from interfering with the messages’ that she receives. She looks at a photograph of the animal. She must see the animal’s eyes she says. She’s told the animal’s name, gender and the name of the people who are the caregivers. That appears to be about it.

She charges $350 for a one-hour session, which is not cheap. She says that she can “sense their personality” and “when I’m communicating with the animals, sometimes I see images flash across my eyes or I’ll hear particular phrases”.

She picks up these messages from the animals and relays them to their owners. Sometimes they are shocked at their accuracy. For instance, on one occasion she was speaking with a dog, Peter. The dog told her about a door in the kitchen which kept sticking and which drove his female owner mad. Her husband was shocked when she told them what Peter had said because it was completely accurate.

Pet owners want to communicate with their pets

So, the first interesting aspect of the story is that she communicates through psychic means rather than conventional means. The second interesting aspect of the story is that there is very clearly a deep need by many pet owners to communicate with their companion animals. And, as mentioned, 98% of these owners are women.

The lack of a common language to allow animals to communicate with humans is a great barrier between cat and dog caregivers (and other animals) and their companions. It is, however, a barrier that can be almost completely surmounted when a close bond exists between human and companion animal. This is because almost instinctively both parties understand the other through routines, rhythms, body language, vocalisations and the circumstances of the interaction. This is conventional human-to-animal communication and it works just as well.

It seems, however, that many people don’t have a sufficiently close bond with their pet to be able to communicate along these lines. And this is where a cat behaviourist such as Jackson Galaxy can help. They bridge that barrier between companion animal and owner and help the owner to understand their companion animal far better which in turn helps them to provide for them more efficiently and successfully.

Understanding what a companion animal is saying in the conventional sense relies upon an in-depth understanding of that species of animal and on human nature. It also relies upon understanding the mistakes that people make when providing care for a pet.

What’s remarkable about Nikki Vasconez, in employing psychic communication at a distance from a photograph, is that she appears to be accurate a lot of the time. In another example, a dog owner couldn’t understand why their dog was lying on their bed unable to do anything. She couldn’t work out what was wrong with her dog and neither could her veterinarian because they ruled out teeth issues as the x-ray showed no signs of a problem.

Nikki Vasconez “just kept getting this pain in my mouth while speaking with him so I believed he was telling me he had pain in his lower jaw. It turned out the x-ray revealed he had an abscess and needed a tooth pulled out!”

Anybody who wants going to business with pets might learn something from her story. The amount of money she charges per hour and the number of clients who come to her indicates to me that she earns a very good income indeed, far more than she earned as a lawyer.

Of course, there has to be some downsides. It can’t all be that rosy. Online on social media she does get criticism from sceptics who don’t believe in what she does. I can understand that completely. I am sceptical myself but I hope that I’m open-minded enough to let what she does speak for itself. If she is successful and she pleases her clients then that is good enough for me. And if it helps benefit the welfare of animals, so much the better.

But there will be a lot of people who simply do not believe in this kind of psychic communication. In fact, I would say that only a minority of people believe in it. But clearly a sufficient number do, judging by the number of clients who approach her. Nikki now runs Nikki Vasconez Animal Communication.

Below are some more articles on communicating with companion animals. The story comes from The Sun newspaper online for which I thank them.

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