Former North Sioux City police officer charged with intentionally killing a resident’s cat

A former North Sioux City, South Dakota police officer has been charged with killing or injuring an animal. According to a complaint filed in Union County, a cat belonging to a resident was intentionally killed.

police officer charged
Derek McIntosh
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Derek McIntosh was charged with one count of killing or injuring an animal after he intentionally killed a cat belonging to John Clarey and Morgan Bernard.

An affidavit was filed by North Sioux City Police Chief Richard Headid stating a report was made on May 8 after McIntosh investigated a stolen animal trap. McIntosh says Clarey asked him about the location of the cat and was told authorities sometimes move stray cats to the North Sioux City cemetery.

A report was filed a day later by North Sioux City Police Capt. Dustin Sharkey after Officer Stephanie Ryan gave him information about the cat. An affidavit states Sharkey told Ryan he was heading to #2 Alcoma Drive to pick up a trapped cat.

Ryan mentioned to Sharkey that Sharkey had ‘just saved a cat’s life’ and went on to elaborate she had heard McIntosh was taking trapped cats to the cemetery and killing them.

McIntosh allegedly admitted to Officer Andrew Ryan that he did shoot the cat and it was Ryan’s impression this wasn’t the first cat McIntosh had killed. The affidavit alleged McIntosh planned to return to the cemetery and remove the body.

A pair of purple medical gloves that appeared to be the same as those used by North Sioux City Police was found in the cemetery along with the bodies of two dead cats.

City Administrator Ted Cherry confirmed that McIntosh no longer works as an officer but didn’t elaborate on whether McIntosh was fired or whether he resigned.

Information on bond and court date aren’t available at this time. McIntosh likely had a small bond and was released shortly after he was booked into the system.

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