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Fostering Cats Versus Sheltering Cats — 3 Comments

  1. I think all cats would be better off being fostered rather than in a Shelter in a cage.
    I suppose in the USA it would take a large organisation like our Cats Protection to set it up, because they supply the cabins to the fosterers, which means that many who couldn’t afford to buy one are still able to foster if they don’t have a spare room.
    Volunteers at each branch fund raise to buy the food and we have cat food collection bins in various places.
    Also people like Babz does for our area, collecting food and bedding at work, given by people who can’t help in other ways.
    No one gets paid and rarely asks for expenses but of course a hard core of volunteers is needed and as you said Michael there may not be enough of them for this system to work in the USA.

    • id love to do fostering, . I hope to once the local spca has set up to volounteer which i hope to do sometime soon.

  2. I can only comment of fostering in my area.

    There are organizations that have many, many cats in foster homes. It’s really ideal compared to shelters.
    Potential fosterers are very well screened; but, a part of the screening has to do with the fosterers’ financial status.

    Because these organizations survive solely on donations, they have a hard time recruiting fosterers. It’s, primarily, because most of the day to day needs of the cats have to be financed by the fosterers themselves.

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