Found a poisonous reptile on the couch

A tabby cat looks like a reptile when lying on old mattress. Yes, it is not a couch to humans but it is to this cat.

Found a poisonous reptile on the couch
Found a poisonous reptile on the couch. Photo: – user: u/iam-isobel
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A nice observation and a clever photo. There is not much to say. It is a bit of fun. Funny how cats seek out a crappy old mattress rather than a genuinely comfy couch. It must be the height. Cats like to sleep in high places for the feeling of security it brings. It is a bit strange in that the tabby domestic cat can look like a snake when curled up sleeping. And cats hiss like snakes. They learnt it from snakes during the cat’s evolution. This photo reminds me of the connection between cats and snakes.

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