This is Miki my turkish Angora cat (or I think it is Angora)

by Elvis

Mike looking very glamorous and handsome.

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Mike looking very glamorous and handsome.

Mike looking very glamorous and handsome.

This is Miki my Turkish Angora cat. I'm not sure but from what I've seen in the internet it seems to be an Angora.

What do you think???


Hi Elvis.. Yes, agree Miki has purebred Turkish Angora written all over him but without documentary evidence of pedigree and registration with a cat association he is just a moggy, technically.

Miki is a splendidly handsome cat, though. Thanks for sharing and showing us Miki.

I have moved and merged your post as it was short. Hope you are OK with that.

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My Beautiful Tiffany Cat, Pumpkin



Up until May of this year, I shared my life with a Tiffany/Chantilly cat for 7 years. I had no idea that he was this type of cat until just a week ago. I adopted him as a kitten at the SPCA in Los Angeles.

I thought he was a Maine Coon mix. When I was at the vet recently for my puppy, I noticed a picture of the breed on a chart. When I got home and looked up this website, I noticed that my Pumpkin was identical to the cats pictured. I am surprised that I found this kitty at a shelter, now knowing how rare this breed is.

Unfortunately, he succumbed to Gastrointestinal cancer earlier this year. It broke my heart as he was the sweetest and most dedicated cat I have ever known. He fit the personality profile of this breed to a T. I am so happy that I had an opportunity to share my life with this beautiful breed.

We thought we had just adopted a very strange tabby

by Greg Tolman
(Berkeley, Ca)

She was only a few weeks old, and the sign on her cage at the SPCA said, "This is a high-energy cat!" When we got her home with instructions to keep her confined in one room for at least a week so she could adjust to her new surroundings, it took her about five minutes to escape and explore every space in the house.

We soon learned that she could and would gain entry to any closet or cabinet not securely closed, climb or jump onto any shelf or ledge. No plastic bags or paper products could any longer be left out, and all knick knacks, keys, pens and pencils were likely to end on the floor. We needed to fashion an armored cover for the toilet paper holder, to prevent the entire roll from being shredded.

She follows us around like a dog, plays fetch, demands we play with her, and punishes us when we try to thwart her in any way. In fact, she exhibits nearly all the behavior that have been noted in Bengals.

Physically, she is all lean muscle, very strong and agile. She has a pelt-like coat with no under-fur. She was described by the folks at the shelter as a "torbie" which we assumed to be a contraction of tabby and tortoiseshell. As she has grown up, her patches of orange/brown fur have become less pronounced, blending more into her light gray and black tabby markings. Leopard spots mark her underside.

So do we have a Bengal? I could write more, but she insists it's time to play, or else!


Hi Greg.... thanks for visiting and sharing. If she has a torbie coat she is not a Bengal cat as they have a spotted tabby coat. If the description of torbie is incorrect she could be a Bengal cat. Sometimes purebred cats are relinquished to shelters. You won't know without paperwork on pedigree, though.


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My Newest Addition George II

by Tamy Lockhart
(Natick, MA )

I got a new cat last spring and I think he has a great deal of Egyptian Mau in him. He has white on him so he is a mix but he fits so much of the description.

He is built like a cheetah with a delicate head and athletic body. He is very sweet and affectionate. He likes to talk and is very smart.

Are there genetic tests for cats to determine their ancestors?


Hi Tamy... There are currently no DNA tests to ascertain a cat's breed.

But WOW..what a handsome cat he is. It is highly possible that he has some Egyptian Mau. Many visitors ask the same question and the answer is that we don't know unless a scientist makes a comment and tells me I am wrong!

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2 thoughts on “This is Miki my turkish Angora cat (or I think it is Angora)”

  1. Not every white fluffy cat is Angora, dear Ilker. In Turkey there is false belief that any white cat is Angora, while colored ones are regarded as nothing but stray cats. If cat comes from Turkey, is longhair and looks like one (no signs of outcrossing with Persians etc. as some Turkish do out-cross white Angoras, but gladly this happens in their houses only).

    İt may look similar but a cat or it’s parents must be from Turkey. If the origin is unknown, we can’t say it’s Angora, but this does not make your cat Miki less special.


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