Four Cat Photos With Short Commentary

Here are four quite interesting cat photos from Facebook. Actually they are from the closed group page. I comment on the pictures briefly.

Regal Maine Coon
Regal Maine Coon with large ears and extra long lynx tips.
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The cat above is a Maine Coon. He has to be even although he is not ‘labelled’ as such. The lynx tips on the ears are a give away as is the square muzzle. What is a bit extreme about this cream colored cat is the ears. They are very large for a Maine Coon and the lynx tips (the hair jutting out at the top of the ears) are the longest I have seen. It makes his appearance a bit odd to be honest but interesting nonetheless. Maine Coons have to have plenty of ear hair – tufts and tips! – and square muzzles under the breed standard.

British SH and Kittens
Blue British SHs and Kittens

This is a very cute photo of what must be blue (grey coated) British Shorthairs and their kittens. The picture has charm but is has to be a montage. There are two pictures here: one of the ‘parents’ and one of the kittens sandwiched together.

Oriental SH with squint
Oriental SH with squint

This guy has Oriental Shorthair written all over his big face. Other than the elongated face and extra large ears, the eyes are typical of the Siamese family of cats: the squint. Look at them long enough and you start going cross-eyed yourself. Siamese cats can see fine even with the squint. Their brain wiring compensates for the problem nicely.

Calico cat with strange face
Calico cat with strange face

The calico lady cat above has a strange face. Well, it is actually a perfectly normal face except the fur patterns makes it look odd; startled and clown-like. I love it. I bet visitors to the home of this cat always comment on her appearance. It is special.

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8 thoughts on “Four Cat Photos With Short Commentary”

  1. The Dutch owner of the maine coon Is very proud of his beautiful maine coon lady Zacapa, which is a new type of maine coon.

    1. Thank you for that information which I find interesting. I will look into it. I had no idea that this cat is a new type of Maine Coon. He is certainly a very impressive looking cat.

    1. Wow. That interests me. I have just learnt that the cat lives in Holland or at least the owner is Dutch. Do you live in Holland? Thank you for sharing. Do you have a photograph of your beautiful Maine Coon?

  2. Dear Michael__Thanks for sending us these cat photo’s.
    I prefer the First Tufted white Maine Coon the best,however they are all special if you’re a cat person….Right !
    Eva says

  3. All beautiful, but the blues are my favorite. The faces of the kits aren’t shown, but my imagination fills in the blanks.

  4. Sandra Murphey, No. CA, USA

    Thanks for posting these interesting pictures of cats. I especially enjoy seeing unique cat coloring and patterns, like the Maine Coon and the Calico. The close up of the Oriental Shorthair has captured the beautiful features so well. The British Blues image is cute, but I miss seeing their faces.

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