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Four Cat Photos With Short Commentary — 8 Comments

  1. The Dutch owner of the maine coon Is very proud of his beautiful maine coon lady Zacapa, which is a new type of maine coon.

    • Thank you for that information which I find interesting. I will look into it. I had no idea that this cat is a new type of Maine Coon. He is certainly a very impressive looking cat.

    • Wow. That interests me. I have just learnt that the cat lives in Holland or at least the owner is Dutch. Do you live in Holland? Thank you for sharing. Do you have a photograph of your beautiful Maine Coon?

  2. Dear Michael__Thanks for sending us these cat photo’s.
    I prefer the First Tufted white Maine Coon the best,however they are all special if you’re a cat person….Right !
    Eva says

  3. All beautiful, but the blues are my favorite. The faces of the kits aren’t shown, but my imagination fills in the blanks.

  4. Thanks for posting these interesting pictures of cats. I especially enjoy seeing unique cat coloring and patterns, like the Maine Coon and the Calico. The close up of the Oriental Shorthair has captured the beautiful features so well. The British Blues image is cute, but I miss seeing their faces.

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