Four companion animals lost in house fire. No escape route?

Firstly, like all others I am very saddened to hear of the loss of four loved pets, two dogs and two cats but I feel compelled to ask questions, to learn lessons. How could this happen and I don’t mean the cause of the fire? Fire can start with no one at home as was the case with Amy Hansen’s home.

House fire killed four pets. Why and how?
House fire killed four pets. Why and how? Photo: Amy Hansen.
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It seems to me that the four pets were trapped inside the home when the fire took hold. Was there no cat or dog door to allow them to escape? If there was surely they would have run through it to the outside and safety.

“These are my four babies that didn’t make it out…” – Amy Hansen on

I am speculating but if my guesses are correct things need to change. Sympathy is not enough. There is a fundraiser online.

Hansen says that she was at the gym when her house caught fire. She lost everything. One of her five pets survived; Hansen’s Pomeranian who was outside. This implies there was an escape route from the house.

I’d like more information because how did one dog escape the fire and survive while the four others die in the fire? Hansen’s Pomeranian was not with Hansen at the time of the fire.

I have to be cautious because it is possible that the two cats and two dogs escaped the fire and they are safe but not yet found. That is a remote possibility at this stage but you’d have thought at least the dogs would have been picked up by now. Perhaps I’ll have egg on my face and they’ll turn up. If so, great.

The cause of the fire is being investigated and not suspicious. Is there a way that this tragedy could have been avoided? Don’t we need to ask that question in order to protect other cats and dogs in homes across America and in other countries?

The obvious solution is that an escape route should be available but this means the animals become indoor/outdoor animals. A more refined solution would be to have a dog door linked electronically to the fire alarm so that the door is released when the fire alarm goes off. That’s probably too sophisticated and too expensive, however. Anyway it does not exist at present as far as I am aware.

I hate to see animals killed in fires. Companion animals are always the first to die. We need to do more to protect them from house fires.

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