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Four paw pics

Here are four paw pics. The first shows a magnificent example of a Canada lynx. This is a great example of the species. The paws are especially impressive. They are normally large in relation to the overall size but these are amazing.

The fur covering the paws is dense and long. The paws can be spread widely which spreads the load allowing the cat to walk on soft, deep snow. Lynx paws can support twice the weight of a bobcat paws (ref: Wild Cats of the World).

The second pic shows two domestic cats ‘holding hands’. They have probably been placed like that by their owner but they do reflect reality. Domestic cats like to touch hands and touch us when they rest on us. Not every cat does it but my cat does it all the time in a very deliberate way.

The third pic shows a Maine Coon. This splendid purebred cat is famous for it’s tufts of fur jutting out from between the toes. It looks untidy. It is an evolutionary characteristic as these cats were formerly barn cats living in Maine. Although today they are elite, refined pedigree cats, back in the mid 1800s they were shaggy moggies living on farms.

The fourth is what I believe to be the toes and lower legs of a Bengal cat. The colouring and markings are too glamorous for a typical moggie but don’t get me wrong, moggies can be very beautiful and equal to any purebred. It is just that Bengal cat breeders go out of their way to get coloring and markings like this.

P.S. I have added a fifth: a leopard’s paw and magnificent it is almost totally concealing the person’s had. It looks just like a domestic cat’s paw only much larger. The leopard is one of the big cats so we can expect paws like this.

Canada lynx with huge paws. These are snowshoe-like feet. Yes, they act as snowshoes and where they live they need them.

Feline paws have many uses, one of which is to hold hands. Domestic cats like to touch their buddies.

A Maine Coon’s paws are a bit like the snowshoe paws of the lynx. No where near as big but tons of fur.

Magical paws. What is this cat? Looks like a Bengal because this looks like it has been deliberately bred.

Leopard paw resting on a human paw. Which is the more impressive? This pic gives us a nice view of the relative size.

The pictures are in the public domain in my view. They are all on Pinterest.

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