Is My Cat a Ragdoll or Ragdoll Mix?

Is My Cat a Ragdoll or Ragdoll Mix?

by Deb Golby
(Essex UK)

This is Gem. I gave him this name as he was originaly called Chubby!

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This is Gem. I gave him this name as he was originaly called Chubby!

I have been given this beautiful cat as his owners did not want him.

Is he a full ragdoll or a cross between a ragdoll and a tabby please?

I love him whatever he is.

Hi Deb... He is a beautiful tabby cat with a nice strong ruff. He is probably not a purebred Ragdoll as you would normally know or in this case the former owners would tell you.

The Ragdoll is a pointed cat. Gem does not seem to me to be pointed. That would preclude him being a Ragdoll.

Thanks for sharing. This page might help too: What Breed Is My Cat?

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Black RagaMuffin

by Ronu

I own a Black/brown ragamuffin cat named Tipit. I can never find any pictures of black ragamuffin cats. Why?


Hi Ronu..thanks for asking.

Every color and pattern is allowable with or without white under the breed standard so black is allowable.

Black cats are the last to be adopted at rescue centers. The RagaMuffin is a relative of the Ragdoll, a glamorous pointed cat.

I think that under the above circumstances an all black cat would not be that popular. I would think that were an all black cat was allowed under the breed standard for whatever breed you will find few examples simply because of popularity. There are also specialist all black cats with sleek single coats such as the Bombay. If a person wants a black cat they are more likely to plump for a Bombay.

I am just guessing. Thanks for asking though.



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My Babystump

by ellie

I just adopted a Munchkin I named Babystump from a rescue in Arizona. He is so adorable and sweet. He gets along great with my other shorthair persian Betty. He can jump, play and chase all around the house.

He is very healthy, besides the neglect he suffered from his previous owners. I have taken him to the vet to get checked out and the only thing that needed attention was his teeth. He is a love and I am so lucky to have adopted him : )

Bengal Rescue of the Rockies


Bengal Rescue of the Rockies is still functioning, Judy Meirs is handling it. I tried a rescue of theirs but it didn't work out as I have a "large" puppy/dog and the cat was terrified. She had never been around dogs and we didn't know how she would respond. She seems fine around Judy's much small dachshund.

I am going to adopt a retiring breeder, though. He isn't used to be in a house but has been around large dogs and cats.

I plan on keeping him in a pet carrier for a few days in a room away from my cat and dog. He is not used to a normal cat in the house life.

Do you have any suggestions on rehabilitation?

He is 2 years old and has lived in a breeding pen most of his life.

Hi.. thanks for visiting and sharing. I am pleased that Bengal Rescue in the Rockies is still running.

As to rehabilitation of a breeding cat kept in a cage, I presume that he is going to be neutered. That would help. It is considered good practice to neuter as it improves the behavior of a domestic cat.

What happens depends on how well socialised he is. He is socialised to cats and dogs and people it seems so my gut feel is that allowing him more space he will be more content and therefore well behaved.

As you say, do things gradually and progressively with some supervision and I don't foresee a problem. And he will be free at last to live a more normal life. Great!

Good luck.


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