France: 2 teenagers put cat in microwave and post video online (copycat cat cruelty)

NOTIFICATIONS: (1) the cat is okay. I very reluctantly read this news item but fortunately discovered that the cat is okay and (2) the reporting is skimpy so I don’t have a lot of detail.

Cat microwaved in Dunkirk France
Cat microwaved in Dunkirk France. Images from Dukirk SPCA on Facebook (believed).
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Two teenagers in Dunkirk, France put a domestic cat in a microwave, turned it on and giggled. It was a funny game. They videoed it and shared the video online on the Snapchat website.

Before I go on, the video is no longer available. This is what normally happens with cat abuse videos like this because they are pulled off the internet fairly quickly nowadays.

The kitten struggled and screamed in pain. An unnamed person saw the video and reported it to the Dunkirk SPCA. It appears that the Dunkirk SPCA initially published the video on their Facebook page. However, on Thursday (yesterday) they removed it and called for calm as the teenagers had received death threats and their names and addresses had been revealed.

The addresses were incorrect, it is reported. One address was that of an lady living alone.

The address provided regarding one of the teenagers is absolutely not his own but that of a poor lady living alone and having nothing to do with this story!

The cat has already been re-homed. The SPCA filed a complaint to the police, I believe. We don’t know whether the kids will be prosecuted.

Dunkirk SPCA FB post
Dunkirk SPCA FB post

Comment: We don’t know what happened in detail as to how the cat was saved. It seems to me that the teenagers did not follow through and kill the cat. How else could the cat have been saved? It would only take minutes to die and it would take far longer for the authorities or the SPCA to get to the cat.

The information I have comes from (1) a French site called and the Daily Mail online. I can’t find the Facebook page of the Dunkirk SPCA. Strange.

I’d bet my bottom dollar that these teenagers got the idea of putting a cat in a microwave online. It has happened before several times. This is the product of online social media madness. An unthinking desire for celebrity at any cost. It is a modern crime. It never happened before damnable online social media took hold of the lives of many kids.


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  1. OMC. I nearly died when I read this topic. I was literally afraid to look. 😱 Just glad to know that this poor kitty survived, if this really did happen.😿😿😿

    I know that every human who painfully and heartlessly abuses helpless, trusting animals will receive their due in time. I just would like a way to end all of their torturous acts right now. πŸ€¬πŸ‘Ή


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