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France Has Legally Declared That Animals Are Alive! — 11 Comments

  1. This is great. Hopefully the first of many.

    Of course hunters and farmers stand to lose a bit of money over it so they pull the ‘tradition’ card.

    But since when has human culture and tradition been more important than animal welfare?

    I think the answer is a long time for most – but never, for me.

    • The Japanese still want to kill whales and stockpile the meat since nobody eats it anymore – all in the name of tradition.

      Tradition, if you don’t mind me saying, is a bit of an ugly and bad word in my view. Infact I rather hate it simply because it’s used as a reason for evil behaviour.

      • Japanese i feel very dissappointed in. I almost thought they may of stopped this. I mean whaling is just so disgusting it ended here in late 1800s here in nzl. Why would u want to hurt those animals and even worse dolphins which are so friendly and loving. 🙁

        • The Japanese are obsessed with their raw fish and all fish products and they will operate any possible scam to be able to fish it. It is similar with tuna. Tuna stocks are running out in the world and the value of tuna to Japanese is extraordinary high. They’re quite destructive the Japanese when it comes to nature.

          • its just dissappointing maybe its time to stop buying japanese products to hurt them where it hurts. I guess nothing in life is ever certain and cant always trust what people say or do. Esp when it involes big corporations and someone abuses animals 🙁

      • thats wonderful at least one country is doing something about it, as they are leading the way. Ive noticed there so much animal abuse happening everywhere around the world. Its a sad way can only hope things get better.

    • Yes, a great beginning and I just hope other countries follow suit with clearly laying down the law that animals are sentient beings with feelings and emotions. It is truly well overdue that the law recognised this simple fact.

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