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Frankenstein-like Experiments on Cats — 7 Comments

  1. The trouble is, this has been going on for years now in various places! 48 years ago I joined the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) after seeing pictures of a cat in a research lab with a contraption screwed on his head and one enlarged pupil from the experiment.
    I still have the image in my mind.
    Scientists have no feelings for animals, there is supposed to be regulations for their humane treatment but we know from under cover brave anti vivisectionists, that many animals are abused as well as being tortured.
    One example bad enough but there are worse, a live mouse was left all night with its head in a clamp needlessly!
    People donate millions to Cancer Research UK, they think it’s good thing, but some of that money goes to buy animals and the instruments to torture them with!
    Kittens at a Cardiff University are having their eyes sewed shut and some kept in total darkness with one eye sewed etc etc……Cruel experiments have never ended and are unlikely to in the foreseeable future. It’s the same old story, although technology could be used now, animal life is cheap to scientists! We don’t know the half of what happens in laboratories!

    • You’re right, it has been going on for years. I thought there were at least better controls and standards. This is brutal and clearly wrong to all but the most insensitive person. It amazes me how scientists can be so cold about animal abuse. I have the same attitude towards them as I do towards American vets. I have a disdain for them.

      • I hate them like poison! I’d never use violence myself but I can understand why activists cause trouble for scientists and raid labs to rescue animals, they are so angry they have to do something. But they only end up in prison and then can’t help any animal from there.
        The government don’t care about animals, they want to bring back fox hunting. They give money for scientific research on animals but none to humane research like Dr Hadwen Trust. We should be progressing towards more humanity to all animals, not doing the opposite!

  2. Omg that needs to stop. I hope cat and all animal lovers will make a big stink about it and get the UK making a law of no more animal research. A law like that needs to be in all countries !

    • It is shocking. Despite the reputation for being animal lovers, animal testing is thriving her. The European Union has regulations but whose monitoring? There is no chance of a law being introduced to curb it because business wins and the conservatives are in power.

  3. P.S. This is a second attempt at this story because I think it is important enough. The other article is on a subdomain blog site. I hope people will bear with me in doing it twice — Elisa asks what makes me mad in the cat world and animal testing with cats is one of those things that makes me mad and motivates me to write about it.

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