Franz Marc Cat behind a Tree

Franz Marc Cat Behind a Tree

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At 21st March 2009, the painting, Kinderbild (Katze hinter einem Baum) or “Children’s painting (cat behind a tree),” by Fritz Marc has been returned to the heirs of the previous owner, Alfred Hess, by the Lower Saxony Landesbank NordLB. Hess’s collection had been sold cheaply during the period of the Third Reich. I presume it had been stolen, in fact. Apparently the heirs have a long way to go to recover the entire collection, which is very valuable and in museums.

The Franz Marc Cat Behind a Tree painting is one of a number of paintings by this artist featuring cats. I have mentioned another: Franz Marc Three Cats.

The colors of the painting as shown here should not be taken as accurate. The actual color are more muted. Here is a video on this artist:

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