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Gemini  - Sayreville Pet Adoption Center - one of hundreds

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Gemini – Sayreville Pet Adoption Center – one of hundreds

There is really no such thing as a free Bengal cat. This is because we have to factor in caring for our cat throughout the life time of the cat and that costs an estimated $10,000. Yep, about $10,000. OK we can cut some corners and save a bit but it’s going to be in the thousands over the about 15 years or more of the life of a Bengal cat.

I guess, though, that what a person means is, “are there free Bengal cats for adoption?” Definitely, far too many. lists literally hundreds at any one time. These cats are probably not purebred pedigree cats but some will be. In fact the vast majority (over 95%) will not be purebred.

I’m talking about the USA of course. But I’d expect there will be a reasonable number of UK Bengal cats for rescue, available.

Are there too many Bengal cats? Well you have to say, yes. That is why they are free except for the expenses charged by the rescue center (and the long term care costs). It’s just about supply and demand in a free capitalist society.

Perhaps in an ideal world people wouldn’t search for “free Bengal cat”. People should search for “rescue Bengal cat”. There may be a different mentality behind these searches.

We constantly discuss the subject of cat breeding and cat rescue and how the two don’t seem to square up. Should we stop breeding cats until all the rescue cats are re-homed. Then we start breeding them again. In other words we regulate supply and demand. Utopian concept? Yes. Will it happen? No. Will there always be a free Bengal cat available for adoption from a rescue center? Yes lots and it’ll get worse, I suspect.

Bengal Cats (Complete Pet Owner’s Manual)

I’ve got this book. It’s pretty good and good value.

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