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  1. I have three cats, and four kids, money gets tight but I still want the cats to have an amazing life. And declawing cats is absolutely horrible, those are basically their fingers. There are many alternatives to declawing!

  2. I am in need because my cat Salem srcathes EVERY coner on each couch. He is a rather large cat so he knocks over the post when trying to stretch and scratch then he gose for what ever corner of the couch that’s exposed so I won’t get rid of Salem he my ten year old baby and I’m afraid to get new furniture. That’s why I need the scratching post.

    • Hi Raquel. Sorry to hear that your couches are being messed up. You are good to accept it. Unfortunately the competition for the free scratching post has closed. It worked out well. I wish you the best of luck and thanks for visiting.

      I may run another competition in the not to distant future.

  3. We need a cat scratching post for the reasons that follow. We have six special needs cats and kittens that we foster. They need to dull there nails on the post so they don’t pay so much attention to our furniture. Lol . Besides declawing being inhumane. It’s like cutting off a humans finger down to the first nuckle. I hope that the higher up band declawing in the near future. Should have been done long ago.

    • Well said Michael. Totally agree with you. The higher up step up to the plate and ban it because the vets won’t stop it. Perhaps they might stop in 20 years but we can’t wait that long.

  4. -Dear Michael- I am so Happy that you are encouraging people [ pet owners ] Not to have their cats declawed_
    -I know of a person [will not say Lady here] whome had this horrible amputation done to two cats this past year. I went online to learn more, & will suggest that everyone do the same_____________!
    -Too heartbreaking for words; Painful,& disabling-both physically & mentally. I Have Four Beautiful cats-Main Coon & Bobtail mix.I would NEVER do this to any cat or other animal for that matter. Thank You for your support in such a worthy endeavor. God Bless You Michael*
    PS–We do have an old post in our house-& it’s ok if you can’t send one to our address. 11862 Lebanon rd# 50 Mount Juliet;TN. # 37122

  5. Declawing Is UNACCEPTABLE for any cat…if you are so worried about your THINGS you shouldn’t have ANY ANIMAL, Or even a child…ALL Babies are in the learning stage when they are young, People and Animals, so there will be a mess here and there from time to time…I would love to have this scratching post for the New Lil cutie pie addition to my family…shes a TERROR!! but a total GOOF!! i think my sweetheart would love all the freebie toys she can get..

    • Hi Valerie. Nice to hear from you. Happy New Year. The scratching post comp. was run some time ago. It proved successful. I may do another one in the near future. Stick around!

  6. i dont belive in declawing a cat. They need their claws. What if she gets loose one day (heaven forbid) and she needs to climb a tree or catch food she wont be able to without claws It is just plan cruel.

  7. I think it is inhuman to declaw a cat. I wouldn’t want my toes cut off. A scratch post will let my Sweet Pea get the natural pawing done there instead of my furniture

  8. To Everyone,

    I am SO sorry that is has taken me a year to respond, I could not figure out how to get back on to this website until I did a name search on myself and found my post. Dorothy, Thank you SO much for the cat food I could not believe it when I got it, and could not figure out who was so fabulous to send such a helping gift. I did receive it and the cat absolutely loved it. Do you have an address you could send me? I would love to send you something in return. Michael, thank you so much for wanting to send me the cat scratch post! You all are so generous. Heres an update on the kitty (now cat), I wish I could post pictures.

    When I found him he was just under 7 weeks old where he probably would not have lasted another hour. As you know I nursed him back to health, thanks to a loving pet store owner. I kept him with me for about 13 weeks where he grew healthy, strong, and happy everyday. I raised him around my dog so he became very very social with animals and especially people (taking naps on my face). At about 13 weeks, I did the right (but very sad) thing, and gave him to my best friend who has been wanting a cat. I can tell you now, that was the best decision. Her and her boyfriend are currently raising him. He has become the worlds LUCKIEST cat. They have purchased him almost every toy in the world, and even built a room for something called a “kitty play center?”. He is healthy, neutered, and veryyyyy spoiled. I visit him from time to time and watch him sit on my friends frog cage…hoping to get a treat (never going to happen). Thank you so much everyone for everything.

    • How nice! I had completely forgotten. You did so right by that kitty. And it is nice you can enjoy him still with your friend. He does sound like a lucky cat. I’m glad the PoC fan club works well sometimes. Thanks for reporting in. It was good to hear how it turned out.

      Best to you always,

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