Free Spirited Cat and Cyclist

I don’t know why but I love this video. It looks dangerous for this cat; this tabby cat who looks as comfortable as he could be with not a care in the world. This domestic cat looks as if he is perched on the back of the sofa in the living room nuzzling against his human companion but he is travelling at up to about 25 mph on his companion’s back in what appears to be, at times, heavy traffic.

When a police car or a fire engine goes by this charming cat crouches low on his companion’s back and hides behind his helmet. That is as far as it goes in terms of “hiding” and soon afterwards he is back to his normal self.

You would think that he might fall off. I am sure that many people would look upon this as irresponsible cat caretaking and it might be but it is wild spirited and full of joie de vivre (the joys of life).

The man looks very confident and sure that his cat is safe. I think I can trust him. I think I can trust his judgement and I also believe that he is a loving cat guardian to his charming little tabby cat. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Free Spirited Cat and Cyclist”

  1. Far too risky! Taking a cat into traffic like that is very irresponsible, yes he looks happy enough for most of the time but his body and claws must be very tense with clinging on.
    The rider can’t be giving his full attention to the road with the cat there, to me it looks as if it’s only a matter of time until the cat is hurt in an accident.
    Sorry to be a killjoy but with me the cat’s welfare ALWAYS comes first.

  2. It makes me nervous just thinking about it. But I have seen this first hand in Toronto once. It was a tabby cat too. I think if the cat fell he wouldn’t bolt because he is used to the surroundings.

  3. OMG that’s scary, but they both seem to know what they’re doing and the cat seems very confidant moving around on his man’s shoulders, I wonder what the cat is saying in those meows he makes to the camera, is he saying “stop”, “slow down” “get me off this idiot” or is he saying “Faster Daddy!” What worries me is if he fell off or if someone hits his dad’s bike and knocks them both off, he could be run over or he could bolt and be lost in the middle of the city. Looking at it in this context, a video of a little bit of their time together, it looks dangerous and irresponsible but they’ve obviously done it for a good while as the cat knows what to do and didn’t jump off when they came out of the door at home, I wonder where they were going and what was at the other end of the journey or was it just a ride out round the block and back home. We’ll never know, but they do seem to have a close relationship, I love to see a man and his cat happy together.

    • As you say, Barbara, the one problem I have with this, despite liking it, is that an accident could happen even though it is not the cyclist’s fault, in which case this cat may be killed by passing traffic. That is the downside to this.

      • Yes for me too, although it’s lovely to see them on the bike together it’s what could happen that’s worrying, to them and to other motorists, I wish they would go for a ride in the countryside instead.

  4. Bit scared for Kittie but he is very confident I would be so worried he could fall off and get lost 🙁 my instinct is always to protect where cats are concerned rather than expose them to danger.

    • same but that cat looks way confident reminds me of my tiger as he super friendly like that. Its amazing great to see a guy and his cat though always pleases me. 🙂


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