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Free tiger clipart from Pixabay
Free tiger clipart from Pixabay. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.
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Pixabay has one tiger clipart image! It’s not bad though and it is free. This page was written many years ago and things have understandably moved on. I hope it has some use still. Although it is questionable in terms of intellectual property rights, I sometimes create screenshots from YouTube videos. Are these images copyright protected? Probably yes but plead fair use. Also, Pinterest has pretty much destroyed image copyright over the years so it is questionable as to whether copyright is enforceable on the internet. It is anarchic and the usual intellectual property rules don’t seem to apply. All the images on this site have been ‘stolen’ at one time or another. At first, I tried to protect them but gave up as I was swamped. Just saying.

Royalty Free Clipart

Royalty Free Clipart – copyright Stockxpert

Links to free tiger clipart are listed on this page but the best tiger clipart, tiger paw clipart, cute tiger clipart, red tiger paw clipart, white tiger clipart and tiger play football clipart are available in one place and it is very nearly free. In any case what does free mean? Time is money. It is almost certain that free tiger clipart is going to be adequate but not necessarily the best and sometimes it is downright average. And how long will you be searching for it?

But for under one US dollar for a decent sized image you can get royalty free tiger clipart of all kinds that are bound to satisfy even the most demanding of website builders and visitors.

And if your site is designed to earn a bit of revenue, it pays to have a bit of quality. In the long run what seems like free clipart may turn out to be more expensive than one-dollar-a-time clipart.

free tiger clipart

OK, where is the best tiger clipart? Go to, sign up and go. It is very simple and I can pretty well guarantee that you will get the rewards. Update 13th Feb 2010: Stockxpert has been bought by iStockphoto and the prices are much higher but the images still very good indeed – shame. Don’t be fooled by the introductory words. An image will probably cost 20 credits (£20 or $20 about)

One caveat: Stockxpert images are not for resale so the above suggestion will not suit people looking for free tiger clipart to recycle and sell on their site. But there are far fewer people looking to do that than those who want a nice image of tiger clipart to illustrate a page on their website or for personal use. See Stockxpert terms of use of its images. if it interests you (and it is complicated!) this page sets out the iStockphoto licences.

OK that’s the almost-free-over-the-long-term method…..below I list the best sites that I can find (at 2008) that provide tiger clipart absolutely free at the point of download but it won’t be as good as Stockxpert – disagree? Please leave a note below.


A number of sites lead you to “free tiger clipart” and when you get there you’ll find a charge that is much higher than at Stockxpert (update: Stockxpert has been taken over by high charging iStockphoto – Feb 2010).

Also clipart is meant to be non-photographic graphic images but sometimes when you search for it you see photographic images of tigers labelled as clipart. So there is a far bit of muddying up of the search. I have not selected those sites that show photographic images.

And again, some sites just re-circulate stuff from other sites or just send you spinning around in circles looking for the clipart while the site owner hopes that you will click on an advert.

On one site there was thumbnail clipart but the downloadable image had been removed.

free tiger clipart

List of Selected Links

Below is a list of links to tiger clipart – these all open in a new window or tab. This list is designed to take the slog out of finding decent clipart. I have avoided sites as referred to in the warning above.

Free Clipart – not bad, not great, just average. This might suit lots of people but do you want your page to stand out and get more visitors and revenue? Stockxpert has a greater chance of achieving that, I think.

Web — link broken May 2013 – once again average clipart but better than the stuff above I would say. – not bad once again but a bit uninspiring to be honest. It looks a bit dated.

Arthurs – this is rather old tiger clipart but not bad and it is stated as being “not for commercial use”. I presume that is meant to mean that resale is forbidden and that the images can be used on a commercial site but it might mean that it is to be used for entirely non-commercial or personal purposes (e.g. classroom).

Classroom – as above. A bit tired looking but not bad.

Graphics – one image and some code is provided for embedding. Watch the code though as it will be a link back to their site. I would dissect out the image location and use that or download the image and re-upload to a free image server such as Picasa Web Albums (Google has closed this as I understand it as at 2021).

Free Clipart – not sure about this site. There are photo images mixed up with real clipart some of which I believe is just recycled from other sites referred to above. The clipart is average. – this provides a limited amount of tiger clipart for personal use only.

The above are my best picks. To be honest there is little good clipart of tigers except for Stockxpert, which is far superior and there is also a very wide choice. Over to you. Please always read and comply with the terms and conditions of use of images.

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Dec 18, 2009 Copyright
by: Michael

Yes, Jan, there are often terms and conditions. Publishing the photos from Stockxpert for example on a website is allowed. But reselling is not.

It is really about reading the terms. Some clipart is entirely free of copyright in the same way that some photos are. Usually photos lose copyright after a period of time. This period varies but the most often quoted period is 70 years after the death of the author.

Definition of Copyright

Dec 18, 2009 free photos
by: Jan Plant

Thank you for sharing this informative article.I’ve found that although the site says “free” you must still honor the copyright.Not having many photos that pertain to my articles with Examiner and avoiding infringement, takes a lot of time and research in obtaining permission to use someone elses’s photos.And we don’t need a law suit over an article. Free-foto is a good sight.Read their rules,but you may usually use their photos if you give them credit for where you got it.Which is only fair.Just wanted to drop ya the heads up! Thanks again Michael for a most enjoyable site.I’m adding a new guy today,by the way.
Purr On,
Jan Plant

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