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    • Are you sure. If your cat is very sick, you have to take him/her to a vet now! No delay please. You cannot get vet advice over the internet. Parasites need veterinary diagnosis and treatment at least initially. Please see a vet asap. If you need money, then please tell me your story in another comment and I’ll see if I can raise some using this site and social media.

      • I live in Spokane wash nobody or vet cares ive tried ive studied Soprano for 2 yrs i can not tell you what ive witnessed eating my cat alive and me. I have pics that i took tonight utterly gruesome. He is my life as a matter of fact ive trained him silent command off leash and he loves to go outside mounds of snow but he did it for me half a block. He is so smart and beautiful he melts your heart. If you dont have money you cant get help. We both got Salomenela they would help me but not him so we got through it no dr. Im scared now he needs medicine. They attack his face. These are different they arent leaving a blood stain. How can i get a mobile dr i don’t drive etc. This is a very sad sad situation im devastated. Ive had him for 9 yrs nobody gets this.

  1. My cat is a 3 year old male. I just had him fixed yesterday, and now today he will not eat or drink anything and just sleeps.

    • Beverly, I’d wait and watch. He should pick up. If not call the vet. I guess that is basic stuff but it makes sense. The problem is the anaesthetic in my opinion. Neutering is a simple operation. Anaesthetics can be dangerous to cats. But I am not a vet.

  2. Okay, so now I’m a bit worried about my 3 year old, long haired, Manx. She has always had silky smooth fur, practically impossible to mat. Out of the middle of nowhere she got matted up all over her back end. They aren’t just mats you can brush out or cut off, they are literally all over and huge. About a day after she started to get mats, she got a horrible runny nose. I’m not sure if the matting and runny nose have anything to do with each other, but it’s kind of strange. Do you have any idea what could be going on? Please let me know what you think!

    • Hi Kourt. Firstly I am not a vet. The article is about vets providing online advice and the drawbacks.

      About your cat. The question that I have is, is there a fluid emanating from your cats i.e. from one of the orifices at her rear end.

      If so there may be an infection and the infection may be linked to the runny nose.

      In short, if there is a fluid leaking out of her rear end then that might and quite possibly would cause matting of the fur in that area.

      Certain infections are manifested by these sorts of leakages so without going into further detail, I would advise that a veterinarian has a look because there would appear to be a question mark over whether she has an infection or not.

      I wish you both the best of luck.

  3. Hey there. I have a Singapura mixed cat, she is about 5 or 6 years old. Lately her eyes have been really cloudy, like they used to be a bright blue, now they are nearly black. Not only are they cloudy, but they have been producing a lot of puss. She is constantly drooling, sometimes it’s like a liquid, others it’s really thick and sticky. Not to mention the smell, it’s horrible. Besides all of this she still acts pretty normal. She goes to the bathroom, eats and plays as usual. But, she sleeps a lot more than she usually had. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it or if it’s just her becoming an older cat. No, I haven’t taken her to the vet yet, because I would like a professional opinion, before I do. So please help!

  4. I sadly let in an outdoor cat to treat it for URI symptoms, but kept him in the kitchen and then back outside ..Little did I know this was airborne, and two of my inside cats, now have URI’s…I also have a 3rd cat, who is only about 10 months old, and have seen no signs of it , luckily with her…Is it possible that she won’t get this, or would that be to unreal to believe, and that she will most likely get it??? I have never had a cat that has been sick, and seeing this breaks my heart…The other question is how long does this last, as it has been about 4-5 days now, but the two that have it , still are so tired..They both have been to the Vet..Just can’t believe how this totally knocks them off their feet…..Just a worried, pet-owner, who wants them back on their feet….

    • Hi Susan. URI are not the worse thing in the world for a domestic cat with access to a vet although these diseases are very contagious.

      For feline viral respiratory disease complex:

      “Although few adult cats die of FVR, the death rate among young kittens approaches 50%”. (source: best books on home vet care I have)

      10 months of age is not young.

      The severity varies. Some have mild symptoms. Some not. I presume the infected cat is no longer around to spread the disease. Clinical signs show 2-17 days after exposure and reach a maximum from 12-27 days after exposure.

      Cats should be encouraged to eat and drink to keep up strength. Choose highly palatable foods. Seek vet advice at all time, obviously. Refusing to eat and losing weight means an urgent trip to the vet.

      Antibiotics are important to prevent and treat a secondary bacterial infection.

      Keep steady. Be observant. Follow the advice of a good vet and the chances are it will be OK. Good luck and I am sorry hear your story.

      You did well to help the outdoor cat. You have a heart. I guess the help should have been isolated from your cats.

  5. I have a 8-10 week old kitten I cleaned the window sill with Lysol cleaner and it got on the kittens paws and now she salivating and foaming at her mouth the vet I took her to wouldn’t help her cause we have no money

    • About 8 hours has elapsed since you wrote the comment. I hope and expect that she is OK and stopped foaming at the mouth. I think she will be OK. Please tell us what happened. It is a reminder how ordinary household products can harm cats. Your comment has prompted me to write an article about what can be done under those circumstances if you can’t get to a vet.

      Good luck to you both.

  6. I have 2 cats. Both of them have been spayed and neutered. However, lately, my female (who is 3 years old) has started licking the carpet, sea shells and eating the soil out of my plants. What could she be deficient in, if she’s displaying this odd behaviour?

    • Hi, my gut feeling is that this a form of PICA (eating indigestible objects). The cause is unclear. One cause is stress. My advice (and I am not a vet) would be to check all possible reasons as to why your female cat might be stressed. It could be a change in what you are doing (absence for example) or a new cat or something outside that has changed. It could be something subtle. I think that needs to be checked out first and ticked off before moving on to other possible causes. If she eats standard good quality cat food her diet is not deficient in anything. Sometimes Feliway can calm cats down. No guarantees though and it depends on whether your cat is stressed.

      Carpet licking could be “”stress-induced displacement behavior”. Stress again.

      If there are no obvious reasons for stress it could be due to anemia. Anemic cats can eat earth to add minerals. There are many causes of anemia. Please see a vet. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck and happy New Year.

  7. My dog has been itching LOTS but has been treated for fleas biting lice and so on. I have noticed scabbing at bottom of back by his tail. He seems very agitated by it?

    • The trouble with a flea bite allergy, which is what it might be, is that it only takes on bite from one flea. Treating the dog for fleas is only part of the process. The whole house/home and area needs to be treated too. I sense it might be a flea bite allergy but you’ll have to see the vet. These allergies are v.hard to treat.

      Thanks for visiting and good luck.

    • Sorry Michelle, this is not something you can fix over the internet. Even if I gave a full and accurate answer you would still have to take your cat to the vet to fix the problem. It could cancer or an inflammed colon or an obstruction. It can even be hairballs. The colon is bleeding or the area around the anus. You have to get this checked out pronto – by a vet. Sorry Michelle. There is no short cut on that.

  8. My 12 yr.old maine coon cat, started gagging yesterday, after I started feeding him wet canned Friskies cat food, again. He had this same problem about 3 weeks ago. And, after reading on-line about the food being recalled in June, I stopped feeding it to him. And, he got better in a few days. But, my room-mates cat’s been eating it, and it hasn’t gotten sick! I don’t think he has a furball stuck inside of him. But, he’s quit eating, and he’s gagging, everytime he tries to eat! Could it be an allergy, and he’s having reversible sneezing, or, could it be a bad tooth? Or, do

    you think he’s got something lodged inside of him? He’s not throwing up! And, he’s still peeing, but, not pooping! Help! I have no money to take him to the vet now, since I just moved to Az.in June!

  9. I fount a kitten on the side of the road and it has the third eyelid infection is there anything over the counter I can get to heal this.

  10. my cat has been throwing up for the past few weeks I thought maybe it was from eating grass outside, so I haven’t been letting him out. however he’s still throwing up. so I thought maybe it was from milk, so I took away he’s intake of milk (which he loves and never had a problem with before). that didn’t stop the throwing up… so I tried a different type of food instead of his iams dry cat food I gave him fancy feast wet food. he’s threw that up as well! I dropped his food intake to one small hand full a day but he still is throwing up. i’m really scared is there something I can do like give him pepto or a mint or anything?! any advice? should I just take him to the dr soon as they open??

    • Hi Lacy — consistent, routine vomiting requires veterinary diagnosis and treatment. You have done well to try things out and it could have been a temporary thing but it appears not to be. I have many pages on cat vomiting on PoC which may help (see link below – please click on it). The top one in the list should be read first. Take care and good luck to your both.

      List of posts about cat vomiting (opens in a new page)

  11. hi why has my 13 year old female cat started peeing round the house and where she’s pee’d and i’ve not known about it there is a fluffy yellowish fluffy stuff growing on the carpet

  12. Max is a very good cat but goes outdoors, not much now that it is winter and he does not go out at night. His behavior is the same as before, only that he will not eat his food??

  13. My cat Max who is 2 years old does not want to eat his soft and hard food but will eat only his treats, what can I do as I fear him getting sick. I have tried different kinds but nothing seems to make him want to eat.

    • He has a poor appetite. I am caring for a cat myself at the moment who has a poor appetite. She is very ill. Poor appetite is generally a symptom of feeling unwell and therefore a symptom of an unwell cat. I don’t think a poor appetite is always a sign of an illness, though. On the basis that he might be unwell, a vet should check him out. He only eats treats because these are highly palatable and that overcomes the reluctance to eat. He should have a better appetite. Sorry I can’t say more. There are hundreds of possible illnesses that can cause a poor appetite.

  14. After making a horrible mess in the kennel I am happy to say that Chaos is feeling better. I gave her a wash off with luke warm water and cooled her down. It was an extremely aggressive heat that had caused all the issues and after a good night’s sleep and taking her in it was just stress and that heat had brought a lot on. She is fine now and back to sleeping on my daughter’s bed and being well loved by the family.

  15. You seem to be perceiving this as a behavioral issue primarily, but the change in behavior is a symptom. It sounds like a URI, but could be something worse. If your child had a fever he would be cranky. You wouldn’t focus primarily on his naughtiness at that time– you would realize he’s fussing because he isn’t feeling well and needs to see a doctor. A cat is no different. He’s not feeling well and he’s telling you that through this change in behavior. Get him to a vet, treat the URI or whatever it turns out to be, and he’ll be himself again. Do nothing and the cat suffers needlessly. Let a small problem go too long and you risk losing him. The cat can’t tell you in words, “I feel sick.” He’s doing the best he can to ask you for help. Putting him in a cage is not solving his very real medical issue and if you don’t take him to a vet you could be standing there watching him die through the bars of that cage. Not a very good example for your children of how to care for living things.

  16. My cat is normally a bit standoffish and a bit of a snob but up until recently she had never attacked anyone. Her symptoms started almost a month ago :

    ** Not really eating, withdrawn, doesn’t want to be touched at all unless in heat, her nose is wet but hot to touch, urinating on clean clothing, hair is falling out by the clump full, yowling (constantly even when not in heat), irritable (attacked my 3 year old son out of the blue when he tried to pet her) her nose is secreting mucus.

    I don’t really know what to do with her. she was caught peeing on the clothing so I put her in the kennel we have and instead of slowing down she has been loud and harsh ever since she was put there (even ripped off her own front claws in the struggle) I’ve never seen her like this before.

    Please help me.

    • I agree with Ruth. She appears to be ill. Probably in pain. That causes reactionary aggression and lack of appetite and being withdrawn. Also yowling indicates pain although that might not be the case.

      If you react to her behavior by putting her in a cage it would seem to be making things worse. There is no doubt the answer is to see a vet.

      Losing hair in clumps can be caused by a number of diseases. About one third of cats with the endocrine problem hyperthyroidism will have hair that pulls out easily and hair loss.

      This disease makes cats irritable but it also makes them hungry and that is not what your cat is demonstrating. But she is irritable. There may be another disease that is masking hyperthyroidism. But this is all guesswork.

      Please take her to a vet and do the right thing. Sorry I can’t produce a clean answer.

  17. We had our door open and a neighborhood cat wondered in to our house. Well it’s head around the ears and surrounding it’s neck is really swollen(like a ballon) and I feel bad too just let it go on its way without trying to do something to help it. Do you have any advice? It seems pretty friendly and at this point is not wanting to leave but I have two other indoor cats and I don’t want them getting sick.

    • It sounds like a bacterial infection caused by a fight and a puncture wound. That is my guess (I am not a vet). You need to get the cat to the vet to irrigate the puss and administer antibiotics (if my diagnosis is correct). It is very difficult for you. Please take the cat to the vet. You’ll have to make that difficult decision on cost. There is no short cut to that I am afraid.

  18. My Yorkshire terrier, Charlie 3 years old has a recent problem with his penis. It has inflated and is stiff. There is a red bubble coming out of it and it won’t go in. Also there are two large stiff bubbles inside showing two big lumps on the surface. What is wrong with him?

    • Hi Maria, sorry for the delay in responding. This page is not a page where you can receive free vet advice. It is a page commenting on free vet advice. Common sense says that you take you dog to the vet asap. Sorry. He needs a proper veterinary diagnosis. It sounds serious enough too. Good luck.

    • Hi David, sorry that I am not qualified to respond. A lump could be caused by a number of things. I presume the lump is not in the skin but under the skin. There is obviously a big difference. If the lump is in the skin or just under it, it will be a skin problem of some sort. The size of the lump is important too. Is is a lump or a bump? Bumps in an on the skin are caused by allergies for example or parasites. A lump might be a cancer of some sort. If it is an internal organ that has enlarged then the problem needs to be assessed differently. If the lump is in the area of the kidneys it might be a problem with the kidneys. Or is it more a swelling of the abdomen? That again is different. There might be fluid in abdomen for example. With a lump on his side, it must be a case of going to the vet for a proper diagnosis. Sorry for the weak answer.

  19. Hi Gina, I may have already answered this. Have you seen the page on cat seizures? https://pictures-of-cats.org/cat-seizure.html

    See also:


    That may help a bit. Diarrhea is a general symptom for lots of illnesses so you really need to seek professional advice in my opinion. For me when you combine a general symptom such as diarrhea and a seizure, a serious condition I don’t think you can deal with that over the internet with me. All I can do is provide information.

    Sorry if that sounds unhelpful. I understand your predicament with money. If I was being brutally honest and critical I would say that you are not in a position to care for a cat properly because you can’t afford vet’s fees. Sorry for that. Good luck to you both.

  20. I have a indoor cat Sebastian he will be 12 July 1, lately he has been having diarrehea he eats real good but is looking a little skinny in his back area and he had a seizure last night, he was OK after a bit and was fine this morning before I went to work and he was OK when I got home he is eating and drinking good and he was being his normal self playing and laying around I had been giving him Hartz Ultra Guard Rid Worm paste because someone told me that might be his problem. I had a vet that charrged 25.00 for everything he retired now my vet charges 69.00 for vaccinations I am on Social Security Disability so I need some help with what it might be.

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