Fremont County Wyoming Sheriff Shoots Any Cat

by Anonymous (PoC Admin removed the name for his or her protection)
(Riverton, Wyoming)

In Wyoming, USA, it is legal to shoot all feral cats, and according to the sheriff in our county does not think it is a problem, even if the cat is belonging to someone. The owners fault because the cat left the property or house and crossed over to where he could get shot.

Cats fall under the nuisance animals under the Game and Fish legislation of the State of Wyoming. The same as skunks. Target practice.

My neighbor has shot EVERY cat he comes across. Along with squirrels, owls, crows, dogs, anything he can draw a bead on, including me, which he misses just to watch me scramble.

Our sheriff, Fremont County Wyoming personally told me that it was HIS practice to shoot cats all the time, he didn’t see a problem with it.

I placed a no trespass on the neighbor, been there for 4 years. He has broken that consistently, with no consequences.

I finally had to put out a violence (peace bond) order against him, which in Wyoming there is none to speak of unless you are the spouse.

He has shot several cats since….but not at me. Still no charges. I suggest ANYONE who thinks they would like to live in WY to first check the laws and then go somewhere else where the law enforcement ACTUALLY works for the tax payers that pay the wages.

OR if you WANT to commit suicide, go ahead and move here. My place is for sale, and no buyer yet.

Anonymous – Michael (Poc Admin) has made this person Anonymous although (s)he did leave a name. This is to try and protect the person.

Hi… I am shocked. I added a title. I hope you are OK and will remain alright.

People who are as disgusted as I am can contact this bloody awful so called “sheriff” on this page and give him a piece of your mind:

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office (new window)

If he is shooting cat companions – domestic cats kept by people – he is engaged in criminal activity and his superior and then that person’s superior should be told and he should be prosecuted and sacked.

Of course in the real, raw world of lawless Fremont County that is unlikely to happen.

Living in Europe, it seems like the wild west of John Wayne to me.

It is worth saying that it is cruel and heartless to shoot feral cats and indeed any wild animal in a wanton, reckless and pointless manner by shooting. It is horrible to decent minded people. It is base, vulgar and ignorant behavior of the worst kind.

Your sheriff is an a** h**l*. He needs to be stopped and he needs to be forced to enforce the bloody law and not ride roughshod over it.

As for your neighbour, he is mad and bad and I can understand why you wish to leave. When he shoots in your direction surely that is a criminal act? He is putting you in fear of serious injury. “Criminal threatening (or threatening behavior) is the crime of intentionally or knowingly putting another person in fear of imminent bodily injury.” (Wikipedia)

“A person commits the crime of menacing if, by any threat or physical action, he or she knowingly places or attempts to place another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury. Menacing is a class 3 misdemeanor, but, it is a class 5 felony if committed: (a) By the use of a deadly weapon or any article used or fashioned in a manner to cause a person to reasonably believe that the article is a deadly weapon;…” (United States Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit – UNITED STATES v. MELCHOR MECENO)

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Fremont County Wyoming Sheriff Shoots Any Cat

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Dec 22, 2011
by: Michael

I live in Europe. For Europeans it is strange to see that it is commonplace for Americans to carry loaded guns in cars. It is really odd. Over her you would be arrested, convicted and imprisoned for that!

The point I want to make is that were there are so many guns you are bound to get people who want to use them. Why have a piece of equipment that is never used (other than as a preventative measure).

The urge to use it is expressed in shooting an animal that is vulnerable and disliked by some people: the stray cat.

People then justify the killing by saying that the cat causes problems like killing birds.

The real reason for shooting at cats is because it is fun for these people.

Dec 19, 2011
Has anyone here ever heard of the TNR program
by: Anonymous

It is run through your local ASPCA.What TNR stands for is Trap, Neuter and release.This cuts down on the cat population. Feral cats are mostly nocturnal animals and hunt only to obtain food for themselves.Also they have been said to be healthier and cleaner than a domestic house cat.It is in a cats genes to hunt and pray on other smaller animals. If they did not kill rats, mice and other more disease ridden animals we would have more of them running around. Feral cats are useful to our environment. They should not be shot and killed just because they may get into your yard. Strays will come to your home in the day time. Ferals will hide all day and come out at night.There is a site all you haters of cats and those who are not aware of the trap neuter and spay solution to the over population of feral and stray cats should read. They have lots of useful information so those of you who have indoor cats might just change there minds about shooting a stray or feral cat.There are also useful things to use to keep the ferals and strays away from your property. Too many for me to list right now. But shooting them and killing them is cruel and inhumane. I am an advocate for animal rights. They can not speak for themselves so we who love them need to speak for them.Have a nice night,day or whatever it is in your area right now

Oct 28, 2011
guns in Wyoming
by: ken (Gillette)

I live in wyoming and have for 64 year. I’ve killed cats and have done so because they threaten the rabbit and bird population. I have my own cat and love her dearly. She stays in the yard and doesn’t roam to bother other people.

When I worked for the state I carrried a shotgun to keep down the skunk and cat population. People took their unwanted cats to the parks and let them out. Skunks were thick and carried rabies.

I carry a gun with me in the vehicle and have for anumber of year. One is always handly in the house.

I have used a pistol when people broke into a building on the Park which I managed and one time when they were about to steal equipment out of a truck.

Sep 30, 2011
by: Michael

Response to last comment. If you carry a gun other people will carry a gun and that leads to the greater possibility of being shot. I guess you haven’t lived abroad or visited the rest of the world.

It is obviously very basic and crude behavior to shoot feral cats. In more advanced societies people don’t do that. In the UK you’d be arrested, charged, convicted and banged up.

Please don’t insult people. It just shows your basic nature.

Sep 30, 2011
Funny People
by: Anonymous

This is Hilarious. I love it when idiots ask me stupid questions about what its like to live in Wyoming. “Do you ride horses?” “Do you have cars?” “Do you have a gun?”. I especially love it when people from other states, or even other countries have a problem with how we do things in Wyoming, and Fremont County, and tell us what we could do differently to make things better. Last time I checked, Wyoming is one of the VERY few states, (or countries for that matter) who’s economy and justice system are actually functioning correctly.
The bottom line is that it is perfectly legal to shoot feral cats, whether it is morally responsible is another matter. I dont regularly shoot cats, however if I had a problem with one, I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot it. Also, just for the record, I have 3 cats that live inside with me. So I am not just some Godless cat-hater.
As far as carrying guns, “Like in the old west” (hilarious). I carry a gun with me every time I set foot out my door, and most of the time inside of my home. There is this little thing called the Bill of Rights, you should read it some time. Especially the section with the GIANT 2 next to it.
I have been shot at a few times in my life. There is no such thing as “criminal threatening” in Wyo, because if somebody shoots at me, I’m just gonna shoot right back.
Kathy, part of a Sheriffs job is to asses local law enforcement situations and create ordinances to address those situations. It sounds like you all need to do some research before you go running your mouth, and running down people you have never met before, and places where you have never been.
Apparently the European either didn’t graduate from high school, or is just an idiot. You can’t site wikipedia, thats like saying someone from fox news flew a jet into the world trade center, just because thats where you saw it. (idiot)
Peoples liberalism and ignorance will never cease to amaze me.
By the way John Wayne was from Iowa. As much respect I have for the Duke, dont lump John Wayne, and Wyoming together.
Just for the record those letter and emails you have been sending the horrible sheriff are probably great entertainment for him and his office staff.
Have a nice day, and if you do ever make it up towards the Wyoming area, watch out for bears, rattle snakes, mountain lions, and badgers. Cause they don’t like liberal retards like you either.

Apr 18, 2011
Feral Cats
by: Anonymous

I have owned cats. I am not a cat hater. They kill all manner of birds. I am from Missouri originally and according to the Dept of Fish and Game, ALL repeat all cats in MO are considered feral. I prefer birds and have many active feeders and feed them through the tough WY winters including the pheasants and other birds that do not migrate. While I do not get any pleasure from shooting cats, I do. I usually put the carcass in a field directly west of home and the birds of prey, including one huge Bald Eagle and the magpies make meals of them. They do not go to waste, and their are a plethora of cats due to the many out buildings in the area that are protected by the cats and their many litters. When they decimate the mice/rats they go on the prowl for birds.

Jan 28, 2011
cats should get killed
by: Doug

Im happy these cats get shot! dogs are way cooler and dont stink. i like shooting cats yay

Jan 26, 2011
sick people
by: kathy w

I have heard things in the past about the lawlessness that goes on in Wyoming. Ive heard theey have lax gun laws and they carry their guns like in the old west. Corrupt sheriffs who make their own laws, among many other not so great things. They persecute everything there. Especially the wolf and the buffalo. Im sorry for all youve been through and especially for all those defensless cats and wildlife!!! What a horrible situation. These are some sick people who need psyciatric help. It sounds like a back in the mountains horror flick. Ill keep u in my prayers

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • If you don’t Iike how things are done in Wyoming don’t go there. Each State has the right to decide how to handle things to protect people. For those that have placed animals at the same level as people......well, I can’t even imagine that thinking. You also need to read up on the diseases that ARE communicable to humans from feral cats and then perhaps you would understand why many don’t want them around. Hawaii is realizing that their marine life is dying because of the feral cat diseases that are excreted through their feces that then runs off into the ocean. Please be informed about the dangers of feral cat diseases before you place judgement on others for wanting to protect others. This includes other animals too, not just humans

    • "well, I can’t even imagine that thinking."

      That is where we part company. Why is it unimaginable that animals are on the same level as humans? What's so special about humans? We are by far the biggest destroyers of the planet and the wildlife on it. The famous and respected Sir David Attenborough said humans are a disease to the planet. Look at plastic waste. It is everywhere in the oceans and even creatures at the bottom of 5 mile deep trenches under the oceans have plastic in their organs.

      You are one of those cat hating trolls who ignore the diseases human spread to humans and exaggerate the rare zoonotic diseases spread from cats to humans. Great. You're the kind of person who is happily and blindly destroying the planet.

  • Killing and hoarding are fear based activities, and come from an unbalanced state of mind and perception.

    We know that there's a lot of unbalanced humans out there, who kill because they've learned to hate and destroy anything they don't agree with.

    Being armed bestows power against the unarmed and vulnerable.

  • think shooting feral cats is inhumane? My soon to Ex-husband hoards feral cats. That is inhumane. These cats are breeding like roaches. They are skinny and sick. The mother cats will take the sick kittens away and let them die. There are so many of them now and a lot more to come. He refuses to have themfixed or give them shots. It would be more humane to put these cats down than watch them slowly die. today two of these cats cornered my little yorkie while weoutside..they would have ripped her apart. humans are responsible for the over pipulation by not fixing thier cats and dumping them. Wyoming is not a outlaw state. everyone should have the right to own a gun. Our sheriff? He is a nice man. you live in a different do not know what you are talking about.

  • Kathy ur retarded u god damn treehugger wolves eat farmers livestock and bring the deer and elk populations which f**ks me out of my hunting seasons.

    • It's funny "treehuggers" are always polite and nice people. Hunters are always rude and impolite. I wonder why? Oh I know why. Hunters are sh*ts.

      • Killing an animal may be considered cruelty to animals. I consider it pest control. Rabies, plague from fleas,etc. You have just said you would kill a human. That's MURDER. You are a hypocritical person. You condemn someone for a crime but would commit a worse crime? You're loci is flawed. You're actually a worse person than the cat killer. You may not like that person, but you would rob children of their father or mother? Who's the REAL MONSTER. SMH.

        • I disagree completely. I state in the article that the Sheriff has committed a crime. That's about it. You say you kill animal for pest control. Does that mean all animals are pests? You say you kill them because they spread diseases to humans yet humans spread more diseases to humans because most diseases are not zoonotic. I'd kill someone for a good reason if it was legal. That is what I said. I stand by that.

          You clearly place the human above all animals in terms of value. I don't. Far from it. I place us all at the same level regarding value. That's why I think differently to you.

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