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Fremont County Wyoming Sheriff Shoots Any Cat — 17 Comments

    • Ridiculous and stupid. If you want to kill a cat who kills a bird you should kill a dog that kills a cat or a human that kills a cat. They are all species of animal. You are an animal racist. You practice speciesism. You rate birds higher than cats. Tell me how you rank all the major species. Where do tigers rank? If a puma kills a bird, would you want to kill the puma? Admit it you just hate cats for some illogical reason. And humans put cats there. We domesticated them. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  1. If you don’t Iike how things are done in Wyoming don’t go there. Each State has the right to decide how to handle things to protect people. For those that have placed animals at the same level as people……well, I can’t even imagine that thinking. You also need to read up on the diseases that ARE communicable to humans from feral cats and then perhaps you would understand why many don’t want them around. Hawaii is realizing that their marine life is dying because of the feral cat diseases that are excreted through their feces that then runs off into the ocean. Please be informed about the dangers of feral cat diseases before you place judgement on others for wanting to protect others. This includes other animals too, not just humans

    • “well, I can’t even imagine that thinking.”

      That is where we part company. Why is it unimaginable that animals are on the same level as humans? What’s so special about humans? We are by far the biggest destroyers of the planet and the wildlife on it. The famous and respected Sir David Attenborough said humans are a disease to the planet. Look at plastic waste. It is everywhere in the oceans and even creatures at the bottom of 5 mile deep trenches under the oceans have plastic in their organs.

      You are one of those cat hating trolls who ignore the diseases human spread to humans and exaggerate the rare zoonotic diseases spread from cats to humans. Great. You’re the kind of person who is happily and blindly destroying the planet.

  2. Killing and hoarding are fear based activities, and come from an unbalanced state of mind and perception.

    We know that there’s a lot of unbalanced humans out there, who kill because they’ve learned to hate and destroy anything they don’t agree with.

    Being armed bestows power against the unarmed and vulnerable.

  3. Kathy..you think shooting feral cats is inhumane? My soon to Ex-husband hoards feral cats. That is inhumane. These cats are breeding like roaches. They are skinny and sick. The mother cats will take the sick kittens away and let them die. There are so many of them now and a lot more to come. He refuses to have themfixed or give them shots. It would be more humane to put these cats down than watch them slowly die. today two of these cats cornered my little yorkie while weoutside..they would have ripped her apart. humans are responsible for the over pipulation by not fixing thier cats and dumping them. Wyoming is not a outlaw state. everyone should have the right to own a gun. Our sheriff? He is a nice man. you live in a different country..you do not know what you are talking about.

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  6. Kathy ur retarded u god damn treehugger wolves eat farmers livestock and bring the deer and elk populations which f**ks me out of my hunting seasons.

      • Killing an animal may be considered cruelty to animals. I consider it pest control. Rabies, plague from fleas,etc. You have just said you would kill a human. That’s MURDER. You are a hypocritical person. You condemn someone for a crime but would commit a worse crime? You’re loci is flawed. You’re actually a worse person than the cat killer. You may not like that person, but you would rob children of their father or mother? Who’s the REAL MONSTER. SMH.

        • I disagree completely. I state in the article that the Sheriff has committed a crime. That’s about it. You say you kill animal for pest control. Does that mean all animals are pests? You say you kill them because they spread diseases to humans yet humans spread more diseases to humans because most diseases are not zoonotic. I’d kill someone for a good reason if it was legal. That is what I said. I stand by that.

          You clearly place the human above all animals in terms of value. I don’t. Far from it. I place us all at the same level regarding value. That’s why I think differently to you.

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