French video against cat declawing (hard to watch)

French video against delawing
French video against delawing. Screenshot.
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I can’t watch it. It is simply too sad. And millions of people do it to their cats. They don’t see the sadness. They don’t feel the pain and emotional distress. They’ll say that their cat is fine after declawing. How do they know? Have they asked their cat how they feel? Think about it. You walk on your toes. And the human who is meant to look after you and make sure that you are healthy and well, chops off your toes. I does not make sense. It is not ‘declawing’. That euphemism was made up by the vets. It is ten partial amputations. The toes from the last knuckle is removed. And it’s done super fast and sometimes crudely. Don’t believe it? Click to read this page.

I think PoC influenced this video as at least one of the pictures is from PoC.

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Faire dégriffer un chat, c’est comme se faire amputer tous les doigts d’une main jusqu’à la première jointure. Et c’est encore pratiqué dans plusieurs régions du monde…

In English:

Declawing a cat is like having all the fingers of one hand amputated until the first joint. And it is still practiced in several regions of the world…

Declawing is dying out. But it is a slow process. Agonisingly slow. They declaw the wild cats too, which often cripples them. It is totally unacceptable and in my book I’d criminalise it. I would universallly ban it wherever it was practiced. It is a human abberation which for some sad reason stuck. It is an operation which is indicative of the failed relationship between human and domestic cat. Yes, it is often a failure. If a person has to amputate the toes of their cat to make it okay for them to live with their cat it is a totally damn failure. These people need to wake up. They need to educate themselves.

Why is it taking so long to get rid of it from America? It is obviously morally wrong and unacceptable. Callously the vets carry on doing it. They make crappy excuses why they have to declaw cats. Their assocation (AVMA) is an apologist for the operation. The vets who do it are breaking their oath to only do work which improves the health of animals. Not infrequently they mislead their clients into believing that declawing is alright. There won’t be complications. If you believe that click to read this.


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