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Friendly feral cat lived in yard for five years but is relocated because of bird lover’s insistence — 7 Comments

  1. I have to wonder about someone who knew the cat for five years and still insisted ,even being a bird lover, that he be removed. Like most cat haters she doesn’t want to work with the issue just eradicate cats. All nature lovers need to understand that predation is natural. The success rate for catch and kill will go down as the prey learns how to avoid capture. Those same bird parents will teach some of this to their offspring.

      • I’ve commented before I am not a dog person and yet I would go to bat for one that was abused as quickly as a cat or any other animal. This singular directed hatred at cats by many bird lovers is just that , cat hate. I don’t believe they are looking for solutions to make the life better for birds and TNR cats like this one. I’ve seen some interesting bird feeder photos where if one didn’t know better , cough cough, you would think the cat haters wanted the birds to be killed so they could hate cats more.

  2. Poor puss, but his five years stray are testament to the power of neutering, returning and of course feeding. Unfit/poorly cats don’t generally hunt much. If indeed puds was actually huntinh. Not all cats hunt do they?

    It’s a very interesting look at some of the issues around every stray or feral cat story.

    Would also be a great class room project for 14 year old “How would you manage this?”

    • Nice thought about how it could have been better managed. The answer would have to look at some fundamental issues of society in America and indeed in other countries.

        • I am trying to figure out why your comments are still being moderated because they don’t need to be. This is due to a computer program which is working automatically.

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