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Frightened nine-week-old kitten at shelter scheduled for euthanasia because he was too feral — 8 Comments

  1. It is my opinion that shelter workers are either ignorant about cat behavior and/or don’t want to be bothered to learn/make the cat feel more comfortable. That takes time and effort which many people today don’t want to be bothered to do.

    • Without a doubt all the time and resources here is spent on dogs. Shelters keep dogs in kennels with the idea they need room to move but cats are shoved in cages and stacked like storage boxes. Some of the better run public shelters are doing away with this concept thankfully and putting socialized cats in group settings in open areas. One of my cats acts feral when first put in a crate and then for a few minutes at the vet. I guess these so called animal lovers would jab her with a death needle despite her being chipped.
      Anyone with a smidgen of knowledge about cats know they are not always good in strange situations or with strangers or strange dogs and cats around. You cannot give a treat, or hug or try and sooth a cat the way you can a scared dog. But morons are fine with their ignorance and will continue to use the word feral as a justification to get rid of cats in shelters.

  2. The director or dictator of our local shelter told me face to face that ANY cat that ACTED feral was put down.
    So this story doesn’t surprise me one bit. While they’e killing cats they do anything to rehome dangerous dogs. Go figure.

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