Frightened Rescued Cat Buries Her Face In Volunteer’s Arms

This picture is interesting and sad. This ginger tabby was rescued by a child. The cat was wandering around the streets of Philadelphia. The child brought her to a shelter and the photo was taken at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

You see her that she buried her head in the arms of the person carrying her. This is an unusual sight. To be totally honest I am not sure that the reason is because she is so scared. It looks like that and it quite possibly is the reason. It appears she is simply hiding which would indicate fear. Certainly that is the assessment of the PAWS staff.

“She is completely terrified and shut-down despite our best attempts to soothe her…”

There is a silver lining to this event. The photo understandably caught the eye of many and she was quickly fostered where she has opened up a bit and started to find her confidence.

She has a damaged mouth but she has been seen by a vet.

Her fosterer says that she quite soon started to explore her room and she is being fed well. Good food certainly helps a cat gain confidence in her surroundings.

They have named her “Backpack” as the child who rescued her carried her to the shelter in his backpack.

It is a great photo albeit a sad one.

Source: The Dodo who I believe sourced the story from Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Frightened Rescued Cat Buries Her Face In Volunteer’s Arms”

  1. No wonder the poor thing hid. I don’t blame her.

    When I first saw the article there was no mention why her mouth looked that way. Thanks for clearing that up, Michael.


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