FroliCat Laser Toy – a laser pointer for the lazy lacking sufficient controls

The FroliCat Laser Toy is a laser pointer for the lazy lacking sufficient controls.

The FroliCat Laser Toy gets good reviews so I won’t knock it unjustifiably, here. Rather, I’ll express my reservations. Others may well have entirely different views. At the time of writing this I have not used one. These are my thoughts based on what I see, read and know.

FroliCat laser pointer
FroliCat laser pointer
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I did not like this laser toy at all. For one thing, the laser head makes annoying noise when it moves, the cats kept wondering what it was. Second, the cats go and stare into the laser head which cannot be good for their eyes. I did not keep this toy.(Review from an Amazon buyer)

It is the second part that worries me. Elisa, alerted me to the potential for this toy to be dangerous for a cat when looking into the laser.

The device comes with a warning:

There are several warnings regarding the laser light, mostly having to do with NOT looking directly at it (Amazon buyer review)

…But the device encourages the cat owner to let their cat play without supervision. The warning seems to be a way of removing liability from the manufacturer/seller for any injury the cat might incur.

Also the device emits a noise from the electric motor which interests a cat. This can lead to the cat looking at the light source.

I always get tired of playing before they do so when I saw the Amazon listing for the FroliCat I bought it. It arrived and I set it up.

This a laser pointer for the lazy and it lacks sufficient controls. What I mean is the cat caretaker is not in charge of where the laser points so there is the danger that a cat may look at the source of the laser, hurting his eyes.

Other than the health issue mentioned, another problem is that is lacks true random pointing as it follows a programmed pattern. The device moves the laser dot around on a limited, semi-random pattern. Cats might become tired of this. The cat needs completely random movement to simulate prey, in my opinion. This means human control. Also, human control means human supervision.

Laser pointers need human supervision.

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4 thoughts on “FroliCat Laser Toy – a laser pointer for the lazy lacking sufficient controls”

  1. I don’t use the pointer inside. I use it outside at night. The cats love it cuz they have more room to chase it. I love it cuz I sit on the steps and drink a beer. In the winter if there is snow it really shines and the cats get exercise and not get so fat laying around all winter.

  2. Laser pointers are fine if they are used properly (just the very basic ones) but not the one you mentioned don’t like the thought of that!

    Laser pointers are ok if used by adults not childern because they would probably point the laser into the cats eyes 🙁

    I have one and my cats love it but I’m so careful to make sure they don’t look at it.

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