From birth to death lions are completely exploited in South Africa in their infographic sum up the complete exploitation of lions from controlled birth (i.e. they are bred) to death by shooting in South Africa.

Exploitation of lions in SA
Exploitation of lions in SA
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It is an horrendous example of how humankind (the male of the species) has allowed his base instincts to control his behavior to act in this cruel and barbaric way towards a beautiful, iconic wild cat species which is becoming increasingly endangered on the continent.

This sort of exploitation reinforces the belief among the idiot sport hunters that lions only exist to be shot at and to entertain.

The dark forces inside the human is expressed in sport and trophy hunting. These people, whose mentality is completely alien to people like me and many others, are behaving like our ancient ancestors who had to kill lions to survive. It is a reminder of how basic humans can be in the 21st century.

The cruelty in the ‘life cycle of a canned lion’ starts right at the beginning when the bred, newborn lion cub is removed from his/her mother within weeks of birth. They are socialised by hand-rearing so that they can entertain tourists who are told that the lions are orphans and will be returned to the wild. The whole grizly commercial enterprise is built on a pack of lies.

Female adults are ‘recycled’ into the breeding program while the males are shot by Westerners paying big bucks for the pleasure. How degrading it all is. tell us that a canned lion hunt costs between £5,000 and £16,000. This is a discount program compared to a wild lion hunt costing £62,000.

It is all about greed and blood. It is horrible.

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