FROM dying runt TO handsome Turkish Van-type cat VIA amazing love and care

The story of Stuart Little is one of human intervention in saving the life of a dying runt of a white cat and seeing him bloom into a handsome Van-type feline companion. When found he looked ghastly. He looked dead. His siblings were in better shape but all were crawling with fleas and had badly infected eyes (don’t they always?). They were rescued by a good samaritan and brought to Fabulous Felines NWA cat rescue.

The pictures tell the story. They are from the imgur website and I believe that they are in the public domain.

The pictures are thumbnails. If you click on them you’ll be taken to a new tab (window) and a large version of the image.

Stuart Little’s condition was dire; massively dehydrated, extensive loss of hair and horrendously infected and swollen eyes. He was believed to be blind but no…he survived and was not blind. He would have been if he had not been rescued, if he had not died first.

After five weeks of TLC he looked tiny compared to his siblings but was gaining in strength and health.

After three months he weighted 2 pounds and after four months he found a home. He almost looks like a purebred cat at this stage, a Turkish Van. He has the classic Turkish Van markings. He is awfully good looking. In the final picture he looks serene. He has come through the fire of a desperate early life and found calm, warmth and security at the hands of loving, caring people. Well done to the rescuers. This takes a lot of committed effort and patience.

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