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From Marc and cats: my Christmas card to everyone — 24 Comments

  1. Beautiful card, Marc. You are so special here. We all love you.
    Can I live in your cat forest for awhile? I won’t tell anybody.

  2. Wendy Gilmore made this beautiful card from a photo I took of my cats – it’s lovely isn’t it.

    Michael once did an article on her beautiful orange tabby Maine Coon called Dante a while back and she even came and commented. Dante is a very beautiful and gentle giant. He socializes peacefully with the squirrels in his garden.

    Here’s the links to Wendy’s blogs – first dedicated to Dante.


    and this dedicated to all her cats the ‘3 Ds’ – Dante, Dylan and Domino.


    …Wendy lives in Canada close to Ottawa.

    She sent me another lovely Calendar again this year which i love πŸ™‚

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