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This is simply a list of links and descriptions that relate to some fun and  facts about cats and which have no particular home anywhere else on the site. I have bracketed them into some sort of order. This is a growing page so at the beginning it may be short! It was started 26th Feb. 2009.

Stationmaster Cat
This is a well known story about a stray cat that made it to the top in the corporate jungle and did it with comsumate ease and style, with little effort and great poise, while entertaining customers, staff and media at the same time – no one has achieved before or since.

Living with Cheetahs
The beautiful story of a brave and committed Frenchman’s struggle to help save the cheetah in the hostile human environment of Namibia. He lived with cheetahs to gain their respect and become part of the group.

Polydactyl Cat Record Holders
What does it take to be a record holder? For national championships, I reckon 26 toes! And does the cat care? Nah. Polydactylism is not that unusual and in American they are even making a cat breed from this genetic defect.

Cats and Dogs Living Together
This little story begins in India, a place I have visited and like. In the area where the great (but human) man, Gandhi, was born there is a family of cats and dogs living together. We can learn.

Definition of Animal Rights
An almost impossible task. I stole a definition from a dictionary but it won’t satisfy everyone and there is the rub. We all have different views from the so called extreme activists to the gentle and kind cat breeders. All proivide animal rights but they hate each other.

Winged Cats
Late in the day I look at these now famous cats and ask should we just leave them alone and care for them nicely? We do like to use people and animals that appear different. The incidences and causes are discussed here as well.

Criticize the Cat Fanciers Association
Yes, I do it again but always in the name of and for the sake of our darling companion cats. All cat associations should make their first priority, in all they do and say, the welfare of the domestic cat and perhaps even go wider and bigger than that. Wild cats need friends too.

Endangered Nepal Tiger
Another tiger another place but the same facts, the same sadness and frustration, the same madness and corruption, the same gradual decline into extinction.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
For the cat breeder or large muti-cat households and even ordinary cat households this product can be a useful tool to control cat fleas in a natural, non-chemical manner. People like this idea of natural remedies and this is one.

Cats Odor Benefits a Mouse
This is opaque research but it seems to be useful only it is about depression and I cannot see the link. But it may explain why Tom never really hated Jerry enough to catch him and eat him!

Cat Chasing a Mouse
The classic scenario is Tom chasing Jerry but there is a lot of love between Tom & Jerry despite the perpetual chase and Tom’e desire to eat Jerry. Love between predator and prey can exist. The predator/prey programming can be completely broken down. It should happen more often in the human world.

Male Cheetah Stutter Bark
This is the call to have sex. Yep, it surely is. I wish it were as easy for us! It has been discovered that the female cheetah’s hormones that trigger ovulation are raised in response to the male cheetah stutter bark — hear the bark and read a bit more.

Cats in France
The french love the domestic cat as we do. They have their own terminology and slang etc. I discuss it briefly here. This is intended to the first in a series of posts on how various peoples of Europe and indeed the world refer to the companion cats.

Exotic Big Cats For Sale
This, for me, is tragic stuff but amongst the tragedy is the beacon of light that is the steely and attractive Tippi Hedren, Hitchcock’s favorite (I think she was anyway) and her Shambala sanctuary. There are 12,000 tigers in captivity in the USA (4,000 in Texas) and 7,000 in the wild in the world. Lets dwell on that.

Cat Travel Cage
There are a myriad of things to think about when traveling with our cat on aircraft and one is the size, shape and functionality of the cage. And does it meet the airline’s requirements? God, there is so much to think about….

The Worst Cat Cruelty
Perhaps the worst cat cruelty has occured in Melbourne, Australia, read about it here if you think you can bear it.

Triclosan is Harmful to Cats
The question is, is this true? And what the hell is it? Read this short post and find out.

A Vegetarian Cat
Can there be such an animal? In a natural world the answer is clearly, no. But the world is becoming increasingly unnatural for the domestic cat and she has adapted to it, why not one more adaptation? After all, so called meat diets provided by manfucturers bear little resemblance to the prey a cat would normally catch.

Can Cats Love?
Why, yes, we all say, those of us who have experienced a close relationship with a cat companion. But we must be sure that we are not just believing it to satisfy a need we have that is unrewarded.

Tiger Attacks
As expected there are an increasing number of tiger attacks in Sumatra. I say unexpected because where there is inevitable tiger habitat loss, their is also the inevitable stresses that are built up when tiger and mankind share shrinking space.

Leo the Lion
This is a well known phrase, probably most often associated with the constellation in the sky called Leo. But it has more uses and the major ones can be read about on this page.

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