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  1. Thanks for this excellent general knowledge on cats.Michael, if iam not wrong seems you have erred in showing the birth of the Liliger as September-2012.We are in September-2012 and the cubs photo proves that it is not a newly born cub but definitely a few months old since domestic cats and “Big” cats are similar in their birth and growing process.I myself am a prolific writer on various topics besides cats, exchanging ideas while also learning from other bloggers.Honestly, as far as cats are concerned, your site “pictures of Cats” is definitely an encyclopedia on cats although the majority of your contributors are European ,American and Australian , rarely Asian or African.Thanks for this encyclopaedic information on the cat and apologize for detecting a technical error in the Liliger’s birth.

    • Thanks a lot for that Rudolph. I don’t know what I would do without you. You are correct. I’ll amend that now. You are right that we need more writers and commentators from Asia and Africa. Hope you are well and love to your cats.

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