Funny and Cute Kittens

Funny: Causing laughter or amusement
Cute: Delightfully pretty or dainty
Kitten: A young cat

Funny + Cute + Kitten = smiley

A kitten behaves in a completely natural and charming manner. Is it fair to say that a kitten is the most charming animal on the planet? They have great vulnerability, which draws us in to protect them. Is it also fair to say that they are the most sought after photo on the internet? Perhaps not but they are in division one. Enjoy these 55 pictures. They are republished from a website that in publishing them asks if the author wants them removed. They are still there. Copyright, I have decided is waived and if not I argue fair use as this is a site for charitable purposes. From Funny and Cute Kittens to Home Page

Update: Here is a very cute kitten:

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