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Funny cat videos — The best YouTubes of cats, kittens, kittehs, catz, katz and if I am in the mood some more…….The above video is a player which cycles through a selection of the best (in my opinion) videos on this subject (updated 5-05-09).

This is a link to my top ten videos about cats made by me and on the broadsurf channel at YouTube, a partner with YouTube — these are not “funny” but sometimes amusing and sometimes moving, I hope.

The page is updated regularly. At the base of the page are a list of YouTubers who make cat vids. OK, lets start. The player above kicks things off. These players are programmed to show a series of cat videos by different video makers. Here are some more:

20-4-09 Update:

I love the vidoes where cats get on well with other species of animal. There are quite a few on YouTube. This rat must have been brought up with this cat as he is completely at home. I think he thinks the cat is his mother! The rat gets rejected, sort of, at first. True love hurts. But it drives you on and there is a happy ending. This is a funny cat video but a charming video too.

Here’s a really short one and a funny one:

This short video comes from Rizzzalie – She is a genuine cat lover and Youtube partner. She is aged 25 (2009 April) and has embarked on a course as an Animal Health Technologist. She is a YouTube partner, which means she can earn money from her videos from the advertisement revenue from her videos. She joined YouTube on July 1st 2007 so she has invested a lot of time and effort, I expect, in making videos – well deserved.

Update 21-04-09: Here is one of a disappointed stalking cat! Mind you it must be almost impossible to stalk a bird in the middle of the street!

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Compliments of Dr. Jon at, this has to be one of the cutest vids I’ve seen in a long time! (Nice music too.)

Apparently, the momma bunny …

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He likes to wake his new mother up by sucking on her earlobe.

To date no milk has been found …

Kahn the Cat vs. Darth Vader  starstarstarstarstar
I have another clip of Kahn the Cat – my rescue Kitty that I’ve had now for about three weeks. Here’s the pre-story to the video:

I own a Star Wars …

Kahn the Kitten – Wagging Tail  starstarstarstarstar
Here’s another Kahn the Kitten video clip. This is the second one. Kahn is the “brother” to Asia the Cat and both are rescue kittens.

We’ve noticed …

Kahn the Kitten – Tickle ‘n Bite  starstarstarstarstar
This is Kahn the Kitten (although he prefers to be called Kahn the Cat as he refuses to acknowledge that he’s a “kitten”).

Some of you may remember …

Egyptian Mau Cat Spanking  starstarstarstarstar
I have 2 Egyptian Maus and I love videoing their antics. They take showers, get vacuumed and run on the treadmill.

Plus they both love what those that …

Declawing video… What do you think?  starstarstarstarstar
This is a video of which I considered to be very untrustworthy, it shows the declaw procedure and afterwards it shows the two happy cats!

Take a look …

CAN I HAS TIME LAPSE?  starstarstarstarstar
Time Lapse photography video of our kitty falling asleep on the couch for a bit, then waking up and giving her catnip covered mouse toy a thrashing (with …

New Videos of Furby  starstarstarstarstar
Here are the 2 new ones of Furby. He was playing with a string and I had to hold the camera AND the string. I’ve been trying to get YouTube to upload and …

Asia the Cat – The Track Ball  starstarstarstarstar
Asia the Cat is back in her fifth video. If you have a cat, you may have one of those balls that goes in a track that they push round and round. Well, Asia …

Asia the Cat and the Picnic Basket  starstarstarstarstar
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Asia the Cat – Playing with the Dog’s Tail  starstarstarstarstar
This is Asia, who has been featured here before. She’s the kitten who was abandoned with serious case of ear mites in both ears, Cataracts in both eyes …

Cat Chasing Flashing Ball  starstarstarstarstar
This is the second video by Asia the Cat – a rescue kitten who was found abandoned with a serious case of ear mites in both ears, cataracts in both eyes,…

Four Lovely Don Sphynx Kittens  starstarstarstarstar
Four lovely don Sphynx kittens were born on 7th September 2009 in our cattery Ma Don A Maja, CZ.

Here they are:

Hello Frankenstein  starstarstarstarstar
This is a short film starring our guys Sgt Marshmallow and Toullie. You can see their movie on YouTube at this link:…

Maine Coon Kitties From Italy  starstarstarstarstar
We are breeders of Maine Coon cats, but we are primarily “gattari”, our family is composed of 4 human and 10 cats, two rescued from a hard life, currently …

Dusty the Klepto Kitty  Not rated yet
This has to be one of the funniest vids I’ve seen in awhile. It’s about Dusty, the kleptomaniac kitty, who scours the neighborhood in the dead of night …

Magical Cats and The Orb – Furball Fables  Not rated yet
Magical Cats and The Orb – Furball Fables

The Furball Kitty’s explore their magical side in this mystical tail. Do you have a worthy wish? Please tell …

Steelers Terrible Tiger  Not rated yet
Libby, aka Steelers terrible tiger, came from a local shelter.

I could not resist her cute little face. I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I think …  Not rated yet
Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer testing a new toy.They are just mad about it. Here is the link: Or see it here. The …

Cute and Funny British Shorthair Kitten  Not rated yet
Here is a Cute and Funny British Shorthair Kitten video. You don’t get much cuter, you really don’t and it’s funny too.

The British SH …


Some stuff about cat videos

Funny cat videos are still popular, which surprises me a bit. Anyway gotta find ’em. This pictures of cats website is meant to be a bit serious sometimes, but not all of the time. It is impossible to be serious all the time in this world as there are a lot of crazy things happening. Here’s a compilation on a YouTube Video Player of cat videos. These are not the classic funny cat videos but they are more subtle and sophisticated (I reckon) than before. Some may have a passing reference to the cat. They are all meant to be funny in one way or another………………..


YouTube was created by three ex-PayPal employees in early 2005 and sold to Google for $1.6 billion in late 2006. America is still the land of dreams it seems.  By early 2008 there were an estimated 83 million videos on YouTube and getting on for 4 million registered users (channels). It uses as much bandwidth as the entire internet used to use some 8 years ago. WOW.

There was a website called “utube”. As you might imagine this site had some problems! So it is now “utubeonline”. This website relates to a company making tubs. “utube” is a site dealing with celebs but I am not sure how it all works.

Funny cat videos

Who makes the best funny cat videos and how? Some are a complete WOW – very professional particularly with the new higher quality. And some are not so good. The video player on this page will play through a series of videos by the best on YouTube. The selection is “pets and animals” and “comedy”. The video makers whose videos form this compilation are “partners” of YouTube. They have talent and have shown real commitment. They are able to share in the advertising revenue as partners. Things have moved on tremendously since the early days.

Here are some details about some of the video makers whose work you can see on this video. All figures at early 2008. “Channel View” means someone has looked up the video maker’s home page (their account page) on YouTube. The number of channel views indicates the popularity or interest in the video maker. Most of these people make a large number of videos on a wide range of subjects, so funny cat videos are only a part of their output. I think its nice to know a little bit about the people who make these videos. The names are the YouTube usernames. Most of these video makers have made over 100 videos. I have a feeling that you get to be a partner based on the number of videos you make and the number of views per video.

tsunechi – this person is, I think, Japanese and joined in Oct. 2006. She has 170 subscribers and over 15,000 views have been made of her YouTube webpage. The rest is mainly in Japanese so on to the next. Oh, she seems to make exclusively cat videos.

Scott Cortmeister – his YouTube username is “cortmeister262”. He creates videos that are more political than about cats, but also makes some about cats. Yeh…that’s fine Scott. He has 758 subscribers and 25k channel views.

illumistream – is I think a kind of professional video maker. Their home page on YouTube is very professional and the quality of their videos the same. They have 13K subscribers and over half a million channel views. They make easy to understand healthcare videos and one is about cat dander (this is what makes people allergic to cats) – pro stuff.

Xaves511 – this video maker is a man of about my age!. he will share his views with others via his videos, which cover a variety of subjects including about cats. Thanks. He thinks like me. I like this guy.

britethorn – this username represents a couple of film makers who make videos on a wide range of subjects including, I presume, about cats. They have over 3k subscribers and over 71k channel views. They joined YouTube in early 2006. Most of these video makers joined less than 2 years ago.

Blinkazoid – Another totally cool video maker about my age. These guys are young at heart. He makes a variety of videos, including cats. He has a unique “channel” for his cat videos, 3CoolKats. he has had 30K channel views and almost 1k subscribers.

NewestNewsNews – This is more than one person I am sure. They are The present the news in a retro style and report on “tomorrows headlines today”. I guess somewhere in their is a video about cats in the news. These guys joined YouTube in April 2008 and have had almost 8k channel views since then – a growing force.

cutewithchris – totally my kind of video maker. Funky and intelligent. He explores the “ugly side of cute”. He is a natural comedian and I think he likes cats. He has had over half a million channel views since late 2006 and almost 30K subscribers. He has a website too. He does sort of stand up comedy kind of stuff. I like it. Naturally funny so can’t fail to make funny cat videos. I’ve linked to his channel as it’s cool.

klusmanp – this person likes/lives with cats and is an aerospace engineer and probably a natural comedian (finally expressing himself on YouTube). He has had almost 40k channel views and 2k subscribers. Talented and intelligent video maker.

gleegirloz – glitz, glam. girly and talented! (hope you like that gleegirloz). Her channel is unmistakably girly and she has a large family (some furry – yesss). Most of these video makers show give an indication that they are thoughtful and intelligent people, this women is no different. She must like cats too. One of us. She makes videos on a lot of subject matter and funny cat videos.

nalts – this guy has a character in line with the others  – funky and he is talented like the others too. I think he’s in the wrong job. His day job is as a Consumer Marketing Director at a Fortune 100 company. He also has four kids. Man he has got to keep working and the videos won’t make enough to live on.

AskRufus – he runs “The Ask Rufus Show” video series. People submit question videos. He has become a YouTube partner within a short space of time (joined April 2008).

Paul Seveng – highly impressive and totally cool, intelligent and concerned, he repesents the mass of silent, invisible but good people who are unsatisfied with a lot of what they see around them. I’ve linked to his home page on YouTube as he is one of my favorites.

adamstyles – seems to make videos prolicifically (4-5 a day) but the videos seem to be about every day things. Not sure about this but he has made a lot of videos and they have a kind of compelling realism. I guess there are one or two funny cat videos in there somewhere too.

hiddentrack tv2 – 2 guys – Adam Schleichkorn and Peter Toh. They have 6 channels and like music (and basketball). Once again I guess there are one or two funny cat videos in there too. They have a website by the same name which is a series of videos.

ZackScott – he has 2 cats and a small dog and started making videos when he filmed one of his cats. He has progressed from there big time. He now makes videos about a variety of subjects and has had 135k channel views and had over 9k subscribers.

gradual report – he describes himself as a stand up comedian. Located in Australia (all the others it seems live in America). Couldn’t see any cat videos except one.

Want to see some more videos about cats and nothing else? click here.

There are more but I’ll leave it there. Some facts about cat videos and funny cat videos:

At mid-2008 there are 362 channels (people) making cat videos. There are 368,000 cat videos or videos related in some way to cats. Of these over 50,000 are funny cat videos. There are 416,000 dog videos but there are more cats as pets as far as I am aware. So people living with dogs are more likely to film their dogs than people with cats filming their cats (maybe). A search for “dead cats” produced 10,500 videos but few actually featured dead cats thankfully. A search for “dead dogs” produced 4,700 videos. Are there less dead dogs than cats? “White cats” produced 8,730 videos and “black cats” produced 22,400 videos. Are there more black cats than white cats? Maybe but a lot of the videos are not about actual black cats. There are 33 videos about tailless cats. These are fairly rare cats such as the Manx and Japanese Bobtail.

There are 519 videos about three legged cats. My mother has a three legged cat. She overfeeds him a bit and he has to be slim to get around well on three legs. There are 160 videos on 5 legged cats and 378 videos on 2 legged cats but this is misleading as very few actually had two legs but some did. Cats are amazingly resilient.

A search for “blind cat” produced 681 videos. A lot were of blind cats and they are so dignified and very able to live well, without sight, relying on smell and a routine. These are not funny cat videos but some of them are tender loving videos.

From Funny Cat Videos to Cat Facts

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