Furball Fables Kitty Cat Vlog 6 – Should We Keep Prince Buddha?

Furball Fables Kitty Cat Vlog 6 – Should We Keep Prince Buddha?

by Chase H
(Pacific Palisades, Ca)

Furballfables | September 22, 2010

Should we keep Prince Buddha? Please help us by letting you know what you think we should do. Video responses encouraged, comments or email us tinkster77@gmail.com.

Furball Fables Kitty Cay Vlog 6 – Should We Keep Prince Buddha? We were fostering our friend Style’s 3 Black Siamese kittens for 6 weeks.

Two got adopted, Lucky and Ziggy. Now we still have Prince Buddha. The Furball Four (Merlin, Yogi, Elfin and Fairy Princess) Want To Keep him.

We always said 4 was our limit.

Should we become Furball Five? HD

My YouTube Channel: Furball Fables

Furball Fables – We are a new YouTube channel. We have 12 video’s as of today and 6 are our Kitty Cat Vlog. (See above for info on our latest Vlog 6) Currently we have 4 cats and maybe one more (Buddha)

If you have any questions, please email us at tinkster77@gmail.com

Thanks so much!!


Chase H

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Furball Fables Kitty Cat Vlog 6 – Should We Keep Prince Buddha?

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Sep 29, 2010
by: Leah

Yes is the answer!

5 can live as cheaply as 4!

Your furballs know it makes sense so listen to them!

Sep 27, 2010
same dilema
by: kathy

I am having the same dilema. We or I should say she found us over the weekend. We already have 4 cats now. My famous Lia, the adopted stray from spay and stay, Midnight, our tempermental savannah, Aurora, and her intended husband, who we recently adopted Quanah. Now we have this little grey and white polydactyl on all four feet. We just had it checked and im waiting at this time for spay and stay to call me with whatever info they have on file. It definitly is a spay and stay cat, it had the microchip. But where did this little imp come from is the question and what do we do with the poor thing? Its been in our cat cage all weekend to be kept seperate from our cats of course. My boyfriend isa hemmingway fan and was delighted to see a polydactyl cat. So do we return it to wherever it came from or introduce it into our little 2 room cottage already filled with 4 cats???? HELP why does god send these creatures to me??? cant he see I already have 4 cats????

Sep 27, 2010
People who love cats
by: Michael

People who love cats and animals generally tend to end up collecting cats from people who are less interested. It is a kind of gentle underlying trend, a migration of cats from one body of people to another.

You have no choice, bottom line, as the cats usually decide when the cat person involved is sympathetic towards cats as you clearly are…:)

The best of luck and thanks for visiting and sharing.

Michael Avatar

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