Furby: Anyone Else Have a Crazy Cat Week?

By Furby the Feral

Furby - Top right on tub Bottom right Yoda look

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Furby - Top right on tub Bottom right Yoda look

Hi everybody! It's me again. I guess there are just weeks when it's tough to be a cat. Do you humans ever feel the same way?

The trouble started Monday just before dark. Mama was sitting and enjoying herself with the moving picture box when everything went dark. She sat there for the longest time and stared at the thing. I don't think she's used to sitting alone in the dark. Maybe she can't see things as well as I can. It was a long time before she began hunting for something to make it light again.

Before I tell you what happened next I want you to know I'm usually a smart little cat. I sleep next to a heater because its warm and I sniff the lamp in Laura's room and I'm OK. I sure got a shock Monday night. Mama lit something she called an oil lamp and placed it on the bar at the opposite end of our food bowl. Lola had already had a bite to eat and I decided I was hungry. Then it happened-Lola got sick. Mama went to get rid of whatever had been in Lola's belly and I decided to investigate the new lamp. It smelled OK so I left it and decided to grab a bite to eat while I was on the bar.

Mama swooped in and grabbed me off the bar and up into the air so fast I didn't know WHAT I'd done wrong. One hand grabbed me under my belly and her other hand grabbed my tail. She scared me and there was a funny smell in the air. As it turns out I had almost set my tail on fire. Mama grabbed me so fast to keep me from being burned. I lost a few tail hairs but no harm done. I don't think I'll sniff any more lamps.

Wednesday was a really good day. My favorite person Barbara came to see me. She said she came to take mama to the store but that's not true. I know this because she holds and pets me a lot when she's here. I even let her hold me while I took a cat nap. I didn't mean to sleep long but when I get held and I'm warm and purring I can't help myself.

I don't know if I should be mad at Barbara or not. She told mama I had ear mites and how to get rid of them. So that night Laura went to work on my ears. It was scary at first but the ear massage felt SO good! I even posed for a few pictures. Mama said it was my Yoda look. What's a Yoda? And why does mama laugh at my pictures so much?

Laura made up a fresh batch of tuna salad and it smelled so good I couldn't help myself. I have a confession to make. Humans think catnip is our favorite thing in the world. I would like to tell EVERYBODY that is wrong. It's tuna. I wanted my share and I wanted it NOW. Laura had to keep putting me from the counter to the floor. She called me a crazy cat and finally made mama come get me. By this time I'd lost control. My mouth was chewing like I was already eating my tuna. I went nuts! It took a lot to keep myself from biting mama to get to it. They finally gave me my share.

Later that day mama gave me a big plate with a little tuna on it. There she was with that camera again. I can't even get any privacy when I eat. Mama went a little crazy herself because she was ringing a bell and shaking stuff to make me look up. I ignored her. I'm getting really good at the ignoring humans trick.

She took my plate away from me! When I looked up she put it down. Then she did it again. And again. Mama has no respect for tuna. I guess she got what she wanted and finally let me eat. Anytime I see the camera and food together she shows me all of her stupid human tricks. She makes noises and shakes things. Then she has the nerve to call me a crazy cat. Here's my YouTube video under Furby and Tuna.

The next part of my crazy cat week happened Friday night. Mama has this really neat room called a master bath. All I know is there is this big mirror and I love playing in front of it. At first I thought she had 3 other cats as beautiful as I am. She explained I was looking at myself the whole time. That's a relief because most of the time I don't want to share mama.

Me and Lola have a lot of fun in front of the mirrors in the master bath. I knew mama had spent a lot of time back there Friday night but I was too busy sleeping to be nosy. I kept hearing a new word on the moving picture box. Everybody was getting ready for SNOW. I tried to wait up for SNOW to get here because I thought it was another great person like my Barbara.

It turns out snow isn't a person. Oops. Mama had spent a lot of time in front of my mirror because she was cleaning the tub so it was clean enough to hold pet water. Mama was afraid something would happen if snow came and we wouldn't have anything to drink. So she filled the tub halfway full with drinking water for me and Lola and the dog critters.

Later Friday night mama seemed really disappointed because SNOW didn't come. I know I should have stayed with her to make her feel better but I wanted to explore the master bath. The door isn't open back there very often so I don't get to play there much.So off I went.

Yep-you guessed it. It was a double OOPS moment. I'm glad mama wasn't back there with her camera because it was REALLY embarrassing. I didn't know mama had put the water in the tub. I jumped in the tub to get to the mirror at the back of the tub and BOY WAS THAT WATER COLD! I love water but this was invisible water. That's my excuse. I didn't see the water until it was too late.

I hurried back to the living room to warm my legs by the heater. Mama saw me and called me a crazy cat and started laughing at me. I try to mind my own business-I really do-but I'm a cat.

So that's my week. I'm going to lay by the heater and be a good little kitty until I have another story to tell.

Update 6th January 2011...

I got married. Oh yes, I am all grown up now. The man of the house. Here is the ceremony:

As you can see I am marrying Mia, one of the other cats that moma rescued. She is gorgeous, don't you think?


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Furby: Anyone Else Have a Crazy Cat Week?

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Feb 05, 2010 Don't feel bad Kathy
by: Joyce Sammons

I had a full blooded Maine Coon I got from a shelter. She parked herself on the dryer and took a swipe at my 4 year old every time she went by. And I don't mean a playful swipe. I had to take her back.

Feb 04, 2010 my weekend
by: kathy

I had a horrible cat weekend because my new Savannah Kitten Kachina proved that she just had too much aggresion for me to deal with. I loved her very much and still am devestated about having to admit defeat. Last weekend she became cage aggresive so I had to stop lifting her out of the cage like Ive been doing since we got her. She loved the other cats of ours but I guess she just didnt love me nor was she willing to give me a chance. I tried everything I knew and got pointers from many cat people. She had ran around for about 3 hours and I was looking out the window at the birds and squirrels. She came up to my chair and gave me such a sweet look. I thought well I should be able to pick her up and show her out of the window, WRONG!!! I guess she didnt like my hand accidently touching her hind paw and she freaked out and scratched me very badly on my palm, finger tip, and the back of my hand. The breeder exchanged her for this sweet little loving Savannah kitten but I still will always love Kachina.

Feb 01, 2010 Furby's Adventures
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Hi Joyce,

Well, Furby has had loads of adventures to talk to us about. Whew! What a busy girl!

Sadie loves mayo too. She can smell mayo from the other end of the house, LOL! Oh yea, butter too. Whenever I make toast, the minute the butter hits the bread she comes-a-runnin'! I let her have a few licks, but that's it.

I think MODERATION is the key here, like anything else. I couple of licks here or there won't do any harm. Considering Sadie's lived with us for 11+ years (she was 5 when she chose us) and she's licked her way through tuna with mayo and butter bits from toast, she's doing A-OK. If it were a steady diet of it, that would be something else.

Sadie also likes the tuna water when I drain the can. She actually likes the tuna water better than tuna with mayo! Whenever she hears the can opener, she knows it's tuna and comes running full tilt to the kitchen for her "treat" (her canned cat food is in poptop cans).

Jan 31, 2010 I Know
by: Joyce Sammons

He usually gets chicken but the store I shop is an hour away and I have to depend on the kindness of family and friends to get me there. Furby has only had the tuna that one time and he went nuts. My daughter made it up for us because an ice storm was coming in and we could have put the tuna salad outside if the power went out. It's been out for a week at a time in my area and I thank goodness it's never been out that long for me. I didn't think anything of using tuna because tuna is in a LOT of the canned cat foods sold here. I don't buy them because I normally make my own Furby food with chicken and vegetables and he's growing and healthy. He loves green beans.

My car has been giving problems since the end of November and I've been unemployed since March. I'm hoping for a miracle next week because the man who has been planning to fix it has had to fight the weather EVERY weekend because every weekend its raining and this weekend we had ice so still no car. I've never been at a point in my life where I can't come and go when I need to and it's horrible.

I need to look for one of those battery lamps. I had one of the older models and the batteries were overpriced for the amount of time they lasted and the light wasn't great. I think I would love one of the fluorescent ones. The oil I use in the oil lamps in odorless but I don't like using them because of the danger. The power has never been out here for 7 hours for no reason. Normally there has to be ice to bring the lines down. That day it just went.

I think Furby let me know in his own way that I need to pretend he's a 2 year old child and I need to childproof my house.

Furby is having baked chicken and vegetables tonight.

For the suggestion on chicken salad-is mayonnaise OK for a cat-within reason of course?

Jan 31, 2010 Oil lamps
by: Julie

Oil lamps are a fire hazzard.They make camping lamps with large batteries with floresant bulbs that will light up a whole room and if a child /pet gets near them there is no harm. They are cheaper than oil lamps and there is no smell; they can be purchased at any department store.For decorations;they make a t-light that flickers like a little candle and it can be bought at craft stores.

Jan 31, 2010 Tuna
by: Anonymous

Give him a break off the canned seafood now and then. The mercury can be a problem for the little guy, just as it is for us. How about chicken salad!

He's growing. So cute.

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