Furby Scratched Me!

Furby Scratched Me!

by Joyce Sammons
(Hodges, SC, USA)

Guilty but safe from declawing

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Guilty but safe from declawing

Guilty but safe from declawing My little boo-boo

Something happened to me last night when I was holding Furby that's never happened to me since I found him. It was entirely my fault and my little man has nothing to fear from the experience. My little man SCRATCHED me!

He'd been hanging out in my big bathroom and I needed to close the room off to conserve heat. So I picked him up and carried him into the hall. It was then I remembered my dog was outside in the fence and wanted to come in. So I opened the door with one hand while holding Furby with the other. I'd forgotten Furby likes to run in front of Dreyfuss whenever he comes in from doing his business. I don't know whether Furby thinks he's leading Dreyfuss in or enjoys being trampled by a 100+ pound boxer!

In any case, Furby fought his way out of my arms, leaving me scratched and bleeding. That's one of the things true cat people are prepared for. If you're not, DON'T GET A CAT! I washed the scratches and put a little cream on them. They only hurt for a second anyway. The whole ordeal got me to thinking about how wimpy society has become in the past few decades.

Many people would rush their cat out and declaw it if this happened to them. They're afraid of a little pain or a little blood. Or they're afraid the cat will scratch the kids. Welcome to the real world people. Cats do scratch. Usually there's a reason. Namely, you're doing something they don't like. Or they want to be somewhere else while you're holding them and they scratch their way down, as Furby did. I've been scratched many times by my cats. Both as a child and as an adult.

People need to understand a cat scratch is a part of life. My parents always taught me not to dwell on minor injuries. If you fall off of your bike, you run in to mama, get it patched up, and go back out and ride. The same goes with skateboards, rollerblades and any other activity that draws blood.

For me in my adulthood it's blackberry picking. I'm very proud of my vines, but during the three weeks during the summer when picking is at it's heaviest I stay scratched up. My friends all know that the dozens of scratches on my arms come from the vines. Does it make me want to give up my gardening. Of course not!

So why do people want to get rid of a cat or have it declawed when that first scratch happens? It's insane! A cat scratch is easy to treat. The trick is finding something that doesn't sting when applied. This goes for kids too. They hate painful medications. I remember Unguentine back in the 1960's. The company still produces it, but it's hard to find. It used to come in a container that looked like a fire extinguisher. Now it's a cream instead of a spray. Doesn't hurt a bit. I'm sure there are painless products in every country. Find one and keep it on hand. Don't declaw your cat, or the next time you'll be dealing with a deep germ infested BITE. Those are much more dangerous, and painful. It's a given once you've declawed a cat and taken away their first line of defense.

We as humans are taught to deal with pain. We know when we go into surgery for any procedure that a certain amount of pain is expected post-op. Cat's don't know this. When they undergo declawing, they have no idea what they've done to deserve being put in AGONY! Even if we could try to explain it to them, I don't think we'd want to because the cat would hate us.

I hope everyone understands what I'm trying to say here. Mainly it's this. You don't get rid of or hurt something you love because of a little pain. If this were true, no one would grow roses because of the thorns.

Furby wrote a declawing story awhile back. He doesn't have anything to worry about in his furever home. His claws will remain where God intended-ON HIS FEET!


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Dec 06, 2010 it only hurts a little
by: Kathy W

Our cats scratch us only when we try to do bad things to them such as nail cutting. Most of them like Lia, Midnight, and even Rory are used to it so they just take it in stride. However Mariel with all her claws she gets a little growly but its nothing that holding a towel over her head doesnt cure. But then theres Quanah who thinks we are trying to kill him. Jeff recieved several scratches last week on cat maintenence day. He wasw showing them to everyone. He was proud of them and was telling everyone how strong his cat was. Ha Ha

Nov 19, 2010 Is it Something in the Air?
by: Jo SInger

Thanks for the post!

A couple of weeks ago, while sitting at the dining room table, Hubble jumped into my lap. He settled in for a loving session, but something startled him.

In his quick departure from what he considered really scary, he accidently caught my arm with his hind claws.

Since the skin really didn't seem to be broken I didn't give it a second thought. All I could see were two parallel lines of marks that appeared to be turning black and blue. I treated it with some antibiotic ointment to be on the safe side.

But after a few days it began to look really nasty, and the whole area turned hot and red. Doc prescribed oral antibiotics and special ointment.

It is on the mend, but I still have a rather nasty looking "tattoo" on my arm.

Hubble told me he was very sorry and of course I knew that he wasn't attacking me.. he was just scared to death from something I could not even see.

Scrathes and nips, whether accidental or defensive for some reason that may not be clear are part of the risks of being owned by cats. It is just a part of living with them.

So if anyone doesn't want to take that risk, just don't get a cat! Our cats' claws are precious to us and we would never even think of having them declawed.

Folks that declaw just don't deserve to have these fanatastic little felines.

Hope your scratches are healing and thanks for the share. It just goes to show that scratches happen .

Should have taken better care of it initially. So this is really my fault that it festered!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 19, 2010 Puncture wounds are far worse
by: Leah (England)

Absolutely! Great article Elisa. Anyone with half a grain of common sense should know that germs from any animals teeth (a puncture wound) are far far worse than any surface scratch. If you get a cat bite you basically have toxins penetrating deep into your skin sometimes in extreme cases into your blood stream. (I'll bet the vets never explain this eh?)

I've been around cats all my life and I've been scratched many times (generally my fault or through over zealous play times). Recently my cat was in my arms and he got spooked. I should have let him go but I didn't so he scratched me to get away. I suffered some nasty scratches but they healed with no problems at all. I just have to be extra careful because my boy is a 2 year old 15lb Maine Coon. He doesn't have a nasty bone in his body however he does have huge feet and he is strong and powerful so I have to treat that aspect of him with respect otherwise who's fault is it if I get scratched? Yes mine and mine alone.

Treat your cat with the respect he deserves. At the end of the day CATS COME WITH CLAWS and if you don't get that don't get a cat. It is NOT your right to mutilate an animal for your convenience!! You could unleash something far worse than a pussycat with claws. Remember it!!!

Nov 15, 2010 Don't Declaw Ever!
by: Ann

Hi, I would never declaw my kitties no matter how many times I get scratched. I am not sure if you know this, but when a cat gets declawed they don't just remove the nail, they remove the whole first joint of their paws. This would be like removing the bone of our finger to the first joint behind the nail. Not only does this take away their defenses, it is cruel, painful and disfiguring. Just get some antiseptic and get over it or don't get a cat! Kitties should be loved and spoiled, not maimed.

Nov 15, 2010 In my defense....
by: Furby

I didn't mean to scratch mama. My dog critter Dreyfuss is my best friend and he's almost blind. When he comes in from his bathroom break I like to walk in front of him and swish my tail across his nose to help him find his way back to the living room.

I had to jump really hard out of mamas arms to land in front of him. There's no telling where he'd end up without ME! He'd get LOST!

Nov 14, 2010 Thanks for posting this
by: Kathleen

This is a great article and makes a very good point. You are absolutely correct when you say that society has become "wimpy" in the past few decades. Particularly in America, I think, we have in fact become a nation of SPOILED BRATS who want every single little thing we encounter to either go our way or the highway, and that is the attitude that keeps declawing popular here. I love the analogy you've made between a cat's claws and the thorns of a rose, as well; it's a comparison I've often made myself. A cat scratch is almost always a very minor injury. People worry about catching diseases through a cat scratch, as well, but this fear is also blown way out of proportion, to the point where declawing the cat is not even recommended as a solution for immunosuppressed people because of the increased risk of the cat biting. Anything that can be transmitted through a scratch wound is more rare and less serious than what you can get from a bite.

Nov 14, 2010 Wear your scratch with pride Elisa
by: Ruth

Wonderful article Elisa, I wish everyone realised what a minor thing scratches are. Clean them, squirt some antiseptic spray on and forget about them.
Anyone who moans about a scratch needs something real to moan about!
I look upon my 45 years of 'battle scars' with pride. In fact I might have some from even longer ago seeing as I used to run to any cat I saw from the first moment I could toddle.
The only time I was off work was with a cat bite which is far more painful and serious than a scratch. The scratches from that frightened cat were forgotten but the swelling from the bite lasted for days and I was quite poorly from it.
I imagine a bite from a declawed cat to be even worse too as it's their only defence.
Dogs bite, birds peck, etc. Who can blame them, but their defences aren't taken away like cats being declawed.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Nov 14, 2010 Total agreement
by: Michael

We are wet these days. Health and Safety has got out of hand and so has the compensation culture.

Our lives have become too sterile and unnatural. We are "risk averse'.

Sometimes cats do scratch inadvertently as you describe (just pushing off from your arm to jump down). This sort of thing is nothing as you say.

Some people though would have a fit!

Michael Avatar

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