Furby’s 1st Official Interview

By Furby the Feral

Furby is a famous feral feline….living with excellent Elisa….

Furby Collage for article
Collage by Elisa
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For those of you who don’t already know, thanks to Michael at PoC, Furby is now the world’s foremost cat writer. Today he has granted his first official interview for the readers. Perhaps we’ll even get him to “spill the catnip” about what makes Furby who he is.
PoC: How long have you been the worlds foremost cat writer Furby?
Furby: I’ve been writing since I was five months old. I’m three and a half now. Of course back then mama had to help me until I learned to read. And I have to keep my claws long so I can type on the puter.
PoC: Furby, you’ve been a big part of our anti-declawing campaign here on PoC. You’re also the cat mascot on Declawing Veterinarians Should Be Blacklisted on Facebook. Why are you so adamant against declawing?
Furby: I just told you…I have to have long claws to type. Declawed cats can’t type. Plus it’s a horrible operation. I saw firsthand the trouble Misty and Cocoa had from being declawed. Misty even got ulcers on her paw pads. Poor girl cried at night over her lost claws.
PoC: Do you have any secrets you don’t want to come out about you.
Furby: Other than being clumsy, falling off of furniture and getting boxes stuck on my head. No, I can’t think of any.
PoC: What do you enjoy more than anything else about being a cat?
Furby: That I can knock things down just to see them fall. That and catnip.
PoC: Ah, yes….we’ve heard about your catnip addiction.
Furby: People talk about MY addiction, but Gizzy and Sealy are much worse. They roll around in the nip like they’re common alley cats.
PoC: You’re had two wives leave you. What happened?
Furby: Mia left me after I married Marley. She slapped me for no reason. What did I do? I walked by her and BAM, she slapped my face and walked off. Soon after that she got her own family. Marley left me too for her own family. Now I know a cat can have 9 wives. Do I start over or do I only have 7 more lady cats I can ask to marry me? I may ask Coral because she never meows. Silence is good in a cat wife.
PoC: Furby, that’s 9 LIVES, not 9 WIVES.
Furby: I see things differently on that. Nine wives is much better. Unless you have to pay catimony after they leave.
PoC: Some people think you have a “smart” mouth and an attitude problem.
Furby: You’d have to ask mama about that.
PoC: What are your plans for the coming year?
Furby: I plan to write more this year. Have my “image” to protect since I was featured in a Catster article. I also need to do more photo sessions for the anti-declawing campaign. Mama got a new camera and she’s been chasing me around the house with it. It’s hard to get a picture of me not looking guilty. I try to look guilty all the time because it keeps her guessing as to my innocence.
PoC: One last question. Your mama is a famous writer, so I guess it runs in the family. What does your mama do that really gets to you?
Furby: She waits until I’m about to get into something I shouldn’t then she calls “FUR-by!”  I think she just likes to see me jump in the air when she scares me. Talk about losing one of my lives!
PoC: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us Furby.
Furby: Happy April Fool’s Day everybody! (this was written for the first day of April but Michael screwed up……. 😉

Furby the Feral Feline

8 thoughts on “Furby’s 1st Official Interview”

  1. I recently heard about an article that stated “cats are bird killers”.The article came from greenland(I think so but not %100 sure)and they wanted to pass a law that all cats must be declawed.The first thing that came to my mind was that”it is a cats natural instinct”.I love birds too,but declawing should not be an option.Again,I live in New York,u.s.a.and no animal shelter will even let you adopt a cat if you tell them that you plan to have them declawed!!

    • …in New York,u.s.a.and no animal shelter will even let you adopt a cat if you tell them that you plan to have them declawed!!

      This is the first I have heard of this. Sounds fantastic. I have heard of the opposite: shelters declawing to make the cats more adoptable. New York seems to be ahead in some aspects. NY state bans wild cat hybrid cats

  2. I am also very much against declawing cats. Imagine a person who is missing their fingertips. Thank you Furby. Keep up the good work!!

    • Yes, Furby the feral feline friend from afar….. 🙂 has fought the fearful battle against declawing. Was that enough “fs”? I can think of one more that I like to say when I read about declawing.

  3. Congratulations Furby on your first official interview.
    Keep up the good work in the anti declawing campaign, other cats need you in the quest to tell everyone how cruel it is and to get those nasty vets to stop doing it.
    Auntie Ruth in England xx

  4. Yay – great interview – I love your pictures at the top Furby – you are very handsome and you have a very naughty look in your eyes. Especially in the one which is your new facebook profile pic (top right). I think your first interview went really well, congratulations 🙂 🙂


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