Furbys Free E-book

Furbys Free E-book

by Joyce Sammons
(Hodges, SC, USA)

Furby's New E-Book

Furby's New E-Book

Hi everybody! It's Furby. Guess what!? I'm gonna be famous. EVERY cat in the world is going to know who I am and be my friend. Mama has finally finished my ebook. My godfather Michael has tried to get it into some kind of form so everybody can see it. The trouble is the book is as stubborn as I am and things just aren't working out.

Don't have a cat-niption. Mama figured out a way for everybody to see it and even download it if you want to. I'm so excited! Mama is too. She worked really hard on this. There are links to all of my main Pictures-of-Cats stories. Then you can read all the stories in the ebook. I even have a photo album at the end. Mama added a lot of pictures none of you have ever seen. Plus there are links to all of my MOO-vies. Isn't that great! Anyway, I'm gonna let mama tell you how to read my ebook.


The book isn't co-operating because of its size (it's almost 23MB because of the pictures). I'm being cat headed and don't want to remove any of the pictures or do anything else to change it from the way it looks now. I've also done the stories in an 18 font size so those with vision problems can easily read it. I'm really excited how well it's turned out. I've never used Google Docs before and thank goodness it was easy to learn. Now for the reading and download instructions. I'm offering two different version of the same book.

For those of you who only want to read the book online, please go to this link. I've compressed everything together for this version. It takes it a few minutes to download onto your screen so please be patient. Also do NOT try to download or print this version as it isn't formatted well for printing.

READING VERSION (new window)

The other version is for those of you who want to download the book to your computer and possibly print out. This would be perfect reading for a young child. I've had to do some creative spacing for the finished copy to look right. The table of contents page refuses to download as I'd like, but other than that the book is PERFECT. It has wide gaps online and therefore it isn't recommended for reading only. Use the readable version for reading only. However, I'm very pleased with how both versions turned out.


To download, go under "file" on the left side of your screen. Scroll down to "download" and then scroll over to "PDF". This will make it readable on Adobe Reader, which all of you should have on your computer. It's over 60 pages long, but its my best project to date.

Please feel free to bookmark this page on Pictures-of-cats.org and pass this along to all of your cat friends. If any of you belong to other social cat clubs, please ask that this link be passed along thru them. Furby wants everyone to read his story. It's free because my little man just wants to be famous. I think he's accomplishing that. Every day now I have to answer fan mail for my cat. Life sure is strange.


Furbys Free E-book to Feral Cats

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Furbys Free E-book

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Jun 27, 2010 If you have trouble
by: Joyce Sammons

If any of you have trouble downloading it, I can email it to a YAHOO EMAIL account. It's the only one that seems to work since the file is so big. Just send me a request at angeleyesportraits@yahoo.com.

My next large project will be another ebook about Furbys 1st year. I'll try not to use many pictures with it. I still have TONS of pictures I haven't uploaded anywhere yet. Between writing, photography, editing, answering Furby mail and keeping everyone up to date I feel like an agent.

And Debra, I'm not famous-yet. But I think Furby is. I've made friends with a lot of famous people. I'm friends with people childrens' show producers, actors, writers and entertainment reporters. I'd been talking to a few for a year and never realized they were famous. One of my friends in L.A. even writer horror novels.

I'm gonna go take a catnap now.

Jun 27, 2010 I am Shocked
by: Debra

wow that's Great
I now know a professional writer..
How far will Furby go.I am so amazed
at all he has been thru, keep her trucking sweetie

Jun 27, 2010 Fame at last!
by: Tracey (UK)

Hi Joyce and Furby

Fame at last!

Brilliant book; you must be so proud!

Ozzie and Alfie love reading about Furby!

Jun 26, 2010 Correct Link
by: Joyce Sammons

I couldn't get the link to work for the download copy so here it is.


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