Furniture for Big Domestic Cats

by Scott Rundle
(Lake Arrowhead, CA, USA)

Big Cat Furniture - Kitty Hawk

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Big Cat Furniture - Kitty Hawk

My client's have been asking me for furniture that fits their big domestic cats. One has a Bengal and one has two Maine Coons. They say they can't find a condo that fits.

We have done research on the net and found up to 16" platforms to hold cats.

We decided to test one that was 18" x 18". We call it the Big Cat Furniture - Kitty Hawk Set (see the photo).

This set has a cozy condo and lots of large hammocks for large cats to settle in to.

You can read more about it here: (link broken)

Hi Scott... Thanks for popping by to visit the site. I am happy to promote your furniture. It looks really interesting. I wish we had, in the UK, the variety of furniture you have in the USA.

If you want to add some more information that's fine. You can just use the same form as you used first time or email me:

substituting at for @

I changed the picture because the one uploaded was too small. But if you want to do something different just contact me in an email.

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Furniture for Big Domestic Cats to Largest Domestic Cat Breed

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Furniture for Big Domestic Cats

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Apr 09, 2012 Furniture For Cat
by: Anonymous

I love the banners, the cats look like tigers looool

Feb 26, 2010 feline Furniture. com review
by: Anonymous



Let's send this message out there and see what happens.



Feb 26, 2010 Cats furniture
by: Ruth

Hi again Scott, yes the shipping is very expensive.

I'm sorry I don't know anyone here who could help with stocking furniture. We live in a very small town in the North East of England and buy our cats scraching posts etc from a little Pet Shop run by one man struggling to make a living, as lots of people here are at present.

You need a big established firm I think as a stocking distributor.

But I will pass on your link to USA contacts when I can.

Feb 26, 2010 feline Furniture. com review
by: Anonymous


Thanks for the nice comments on our Modular Cat Furniture. We appreciate them.

We do sell all our products directly to the U.K. Yes, it is pretty expensive for the shipping. But we will accommodate.

What we need is a person to take the reigns in the U.K. and become a stocking distributor for mail order over there so we can ship in bulk and then save everyone money.

Let me know if you know anyone in that capacity.


Feb 26, 2010 I love your furniture
by: Ruth

Scott I love your cat furniture and have kept the link to your web site.

Like Michael, I wish we could get these things here in the UK,I'm sure a lot of cat lovers would buy them.

But whilst 'educating' USA people about the crulty of declawing cats, yours will be a good link to promote to keep indoor cats happy with their own furniture and leave their peoples furniture alone.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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