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Furniture for people that is designed to be cat scratched — 6 Comments

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  4. Hi Michael,
    interesting idea. Of our seven cats, only one is declawed. He is our youngest and we had it done because he was destroying the trim on the doorways, not just clawing the ends of the sofa. We have always had a thrift store chair or “dumpster” chair that we find free or for less than $20 that we designate as belonging to the cats. We used to spray them with water if they scratched other furniture, but none of them have done that in years (Our oldest is now 19), so it wasn’t a problem until we found the youngest one living with 12 other homeless cats at an auto repair shop. We got them all spayed and neutered and put them all back except him because he had health issues. Anyway, we’ve been searching for furniture that is easy to clean and doesn’t get all furry. We think that plexiglass chairs would be great, but can’t find any we like.

    • Yes, some sort of furniture that is for cats and people would be nice. Almost everything in the house is for people yet we share the house with a cat or cats.

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