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Furniture Store Promotes Adoption of Rescue Cats — 6 Comments

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea. The furniture store might even go one step further, and promote furniture with tightly woven fabric, which is almost “cat proof”. Maybe another store could do this, placing pictures of cats on that kind furniture. Imagine the ad that says “Check out our comfy “cat proof” furniture!”

    My cat, Mitzy, always uses the dining room chairs to stretch up, and I wondered why in all these years, there’s been no damage to the fabric. I began to do some research, and found that the reason is because this is “tightly woven” fabric, which is basically “cat proof”.

    Since I’m moving, and these aren’t my chairs, I’m going to find one, so she can continue to do her stretching.

    I think this could be a new area of promotion for furniture stores.

    Even something like this “Adopt a cat, receive a discount on “cat proof” furniture.” This could solve two problems at the same time.

  2. Most customers will think to themselves, “Oh, I see. They want us to adopt cats to destroy our new furniture so we have to buy more furniture in a year. What a scam.” Then walk-out and never return, rolling their eyes all the way.

    • The good thing is that in the UK people don’t think that cats destroy furniture. People don’t associated domestic cats with destroyed furniture. That is your perspective and one which leads to declawing. People in the UK don’t declaw (ever). It does not cross their minds.

      So, your comment is pointless, stupid and biased. You’d do well to learn from the British.

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