Furry Friends Animal Rescue

by FurryFriendsShelter.org
(Ontario, Canada)

Here is an animal shelter doing something about the feral cat problem.

It takes co-operation and perseverance but something can be done to reduce the numbers. . .

Furry Friends Animal Shelter is a non-profit no kill organisation dedicated to providing shelter and love to abandoned lost and rescued animals in the Barrie, Ontario community.


Link to website: Furry Friends

Furry Friends Shelter

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Furry Friends Animal Rescue

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Feb 03, 2012 Hello again and thank you
by: Ruth

Hello again, I've already read and commented on your latest article.
It's so nice to meet someone who cares so passionately about all cats.
I just get in the pits of despair at the hopelessness of ever changing things for the better after a lifetime of trying, then someone like you comes along and gives me fresh heart to go on.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 03, 2012 Furry friends ARE our friends not fiends !!
by: Anonymous

I always enjoy your well written articles, as a cat lover from young age I find it disheartening & upsetting to read about the life some cats endure thru no fault of their own. Please read my last article "Feral cat problem, our problem"
our family rescues, adopts & generally do what is best for our feline friends not fiends.
Our latest addition adopted my hubby & the instant she walked in our home, she adopted the rest of the family, we named her "Scarlett O'Hair" (Gone With The Wind)she's a gorgeous large Tortie but not moody & loves everyone, loves to chat & enjoys going for walks while wearing a cat harness/leash.

My best wishes to you & yours,
keenpetite aka Ms Tellez

PS Former owners had dropped her off @ a well known cat place (resident has been helping cats for over 30 yrs)

Jan 21, 2012 Furry Friends
by: Ruth

I've watched both videos and visited the Furry Friends website and I'm full of admiration for all the volunteers.
It's so nice to see people willing to help cats who through no fault of their own are homeless and considered a nuisance to unkind people. Some who chase them away or even kill them.
I was particularly impressed with the advice not to declaw cats and the explanation why and the humane alternatives.
How sad for a cat to be rescued and homed only to disabled for life and doomed to problems by that cruel surgery.
I know there are more people in Canada now fighting for a total ban on declawing, I hope that happens soon !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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