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Future Closure of Most Animal Testing Laboratories — 5 Comments

  1. I hope this is right as it’s a step forward. I long for the day when there are no animals tortured in laboratories ‘in the name of science’
    But to most scientists, animal life is cheap. The government pour money into cruel research charities like Cancer Research UK, who also receive millions in donations from people wanting a cure for cancer, many who have no idea that their money is being thrown away on pointless research on animals.
    Yet non animal testing charities like Dr Hadwen get nothing from the government and have to beg for donations from supporters to help them in their work.
    Not enough people care about the suffering of animals!

  2. When you say most, Michael, which lab research/experimentation are you excluding? My apology, but I have held jobs w/the U. that I gave up because of studies run on cats/rabbits. -Caroline

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