Gabriel: at night lit by a reading light (cat photo)

This is another cat photograph! LOL. He’s too photogenic for me to put the camera down. This was taken at night; perhaps it was about 4 am in the morning or midnight. I forget but it was dark outside and the photo was lit solely by the reading lamp. The picture is Photoshopped slightly to give it a dream-like feeling.

The reading lamp is one of those that is touch sensitive. Do you have them in the USA? I am sure you do. You touch it anywhere and the light comes on. Touch it again and it gets brighter and a third time and it reaches its maximum brightness. A fourth touch turns it off.

Gabriel likes to touch it 😉 . Anytime during the early hours. He sleeps under the bed – in the storage area under the bed and comes out and touches the light. We then have a running battle about whether the light should be on or off. Neat.

22 thoughts on “Gabriel: at night lit by a reading light (cat photo)”

    • Yes, I missed that observation. He might be. He enjoys himself a lot playing. He has a massive capacity to play and I love to see it.

  1. “while I try to sleep as he taps on the light every five minutes”. Michael, that made me laugh out loud.

    Some cats are too smart for their own good. Sophie’s recently discovered an excellent way of getting my attention is to grab the door knob on my bedside cabinet with her paw, open the door slightly before letting it bang closed. She will do this repeatedly until she has my full attention.


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