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Gabriel: at night lit by a reading light (cat photo) — 22 Comments

    • Yes, I missed that observation. He might be. He enjoys himself a lot playing. He has a massive capacity to play and I love to see it.

  1. “while I try to sleep as he taps on the light every five minutes”. Michael, that made me laugh out loud.

    Some cats are too smart for their own good. Sophie’s recently discovered an excellent way of getting my attention is to grab the door knob on my bedside cabinet with her paw, open the door slightly before letting it bang closed. She will do this repeatedly until she has my full attention.

  2. He was so, appropriately, named.
    Gabriel is one of the seven archangels and the messenger of good tidings. He likes to announce his presence.
    Your G looks to be quite an old soul, very wise.

      • Ahaa we knew from the very first photo that Gabriel would never be moving out of your ‘foster’ home lol
        You are a match made in Heaven 🙂

  3. I love the look on his face that says “Hey Dad, wake up and look at me” he knows how gorgeous he is and is getting to be an old hand at posing for photographs

  4. Oh that little face has me melting! He is just so gorgeous. I used to have a touch lamp by my bed when we had Bryan who slept with me, he used to love patting it to put it on lol He would sometimes do it in the daytime too, I’d go upstairs and find it on.

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