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  1. Michael,
    This is a beautiful shot of Gabriel, and I appreciate your photographic skill. It’s interesting to read about how guardians see their cats as “babies”, which seems quite common. Yet, in the article on “Over-protectiveness”, it seems that this would be healthy, rather than undesirable.

    I’ve never given my pets a gift on Xmas, Valentine’s Day, or their Birthday. I do buy toys now and then, but for no special holiday. Do you think it makes a difference to them? It seems that it increases “anthropomorphizing”, but it does no harm, except when cats are really hurt by dressing them in things that affect their vision or breathing. I never put clothes on my cat either. Do we think that cats enjoy being dressed up? Or is this for our benefit? I can understand photographers doing this to enhance certain shots.

    A friend always put a bow on her pug’s head, but the dog was bothered by the pin that attached it, and always scratched until it was out. But it looked so cute!

  2. Michael. . .I so understand. . . as I mentioned with mine. . . they are just little toddlers who don’t speak very well. . . lubs them to pieces!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. I think that he is just adorable. He looks like a little angel. I love the picture, you are a very good photographer. He truly is magic! I too think of my kitties as my children, I never had any children so they are my babies.:)

    • Thanks a lot Sharon. Very sweet of you. I think Gabriel has exposed a weakness in me: I should have had children. I never had children and I have this massive connection with Gabriel. It is the same connection I had with a cat I cared for 25 years ago.

      • Another great photo Michael. As he matures into an adult, these photos will give you a great timeline of his development and progress.

        It’s interesting that you mention having shared an equally strong connection with another cat 25 years ago. I’m of the belief that there are some cats we bond with more than others, but maybe that’s just me?

          • I know how you feel Michael. My beloved Holly was like the daughter I never had. I couldn’t have loved her more if I’d given birth to her myself. It’s the tenth anniversary of her death next month and not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. I miss her very much. Especially as Sophie is the total opposite in personality of Holly.

            I’m glad you have found another cat you feel that special bond with. It’s a wonderful thing when it happens.

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